You Don’t Need To Tell Her These Personal Secrets

In a relationship, it is like winning the grand prize if you find a best friend, a confidante, and a lover all in one. Most of you probably know what we are talking about. We feel like we can share our personal secrets with him or her, but are there some details that we should spare?

Personal Secrets That You Should Be Keeping To Yourself

There are certain things that are best not to share with your lover, especially if you are on the dating level and still trying to get to know each other better. So here they are – personal secrets that you have to keep to yourself:

Trivial Family Drama

All our families have histories and dramas. We all have hang ups that are best kept in the dark. Revealing them early on in your dating period will just dampen the mood of getting to know each other. If you bring up family issues, especially small ones that can easily be dealt with, it will most likely push the other person away. read more

Want To Be A More Persuasive Partner? This Is How You Do It

In life, we cannot avoid arguments. We may think about them negatively, but they are like salt and pepper in every relationship, or even friendship. We all have different views and backgrounds which is why arguments are inevitable. However, if one learns to be a more persuasive partner, it might be easier to resolve arguments or even avoid them in the near future.

Become A Persuasive Partner With These Tips

Being a persuasive partner doesn’t mean that we are going to win every debate that we get into with our partner. It simply means that we allow our partner to see the situation through our eyes. Here are some tips on how you can be persuasive: read more

This Reconnection Technique Can Greatly Help Busy Couples

As any relationship or marriage passes, we get busy and the passions and affections fade out. They don’t totally disappear but the spark has been dimmed to a tiny flickering flame. Some call this falling out of love. To keep the commitment going, we need to check ourselves and apply a reconnection technique that we can easily master.

The Easiest Reconnection Technique For Any Kind Of Couple

The way we connect with our partner can vary from one couple to another. Relationships between couples are very different because of personalities, preferences, and past experiences. There is no one fool-proof method.

But, the best thing to do is to go back to the feeling that started everything. How did you fall in love in the first place? Why did you decide to commit to this person? After you have that emotion in mind, try to memorize these steps: read more

Your Heart Has Been Broken, Should You Consider A Rebound Relationship?

Most often, breakups are messy. They leave you with so much pain, and they hinder you from thinking logically. You don’t know what to do next, feeling like you’re simply stuck in that moment of sadness and grief. Is it possible for one to heal faster? The answer is yes, and you can do it through a rebound relationship.

A Rebound Relationship Can Make You Feel Like Yourself Again

Logically, one might think that rebound relationships are a bad idea because you’d have to allow a certain amount of time for your heart to heal. However, science seems to disagree.

Research conducted by Brumbaugh & Fraley points out that engaging in a rebound relationship can have more benefits than we think. In their study, they found that people who engage in new relationships after a breakup are more confident about their desirability. In addition, the rebound relationship they engaged in helped them come to terms with the breakup with their former partner. read more