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Signs You Have Undeniable Chemistry With Your Online Date

When we consider people whom we want to date, we first consider their qualities, their interests, and their looks. Then when we start dating, there is one more thing that we look for – undeniable chemistry. Chemistry is a feeling we share with the other person that results from compatibility.

How Do You Identify That Undeniable Chemistry Is Present

Despite our gut feeling, there’s still a bit of hesitation most of us feel when talking about chemistry. This hesitation is most common when we meet a person online. Yes, we may have a great time chatting online, but will it be the same in real life? To help you out, you can actually look for the following signs that say the undeniable chemistry with your online date is palpable: read more

Ridiculous Dating Tips That Are Actually Very Effective

For those of us who have been in the dating scene for quite some time, we may feel like we’ve read all of the ridiculous dating tips that we can take. Well, here are a few more for your list, but don’t take these ridiculous dating tips lightly because you’d be surprised at how effective they actually are.

Who Would Have Thought That These Ridiculous Dating Tips Work?

Sometimes, we are let down with the dating tips we read online. Some of them are alright, but those that say, “Be yourself” are just downright repetitive. The dating tips on this list, however, are totally unexpected:

1. Adrenaline Rush Date

One of the best ways to connect quickly with your date is to go on a date that will get your heart beats raising. This doesn’t mean that you have to go skydiving or anything to that effect, but the usual trip to the amusement park might leave you wanting to see more of each other. read more

Adult Love Should Look Like This, It’s Time You Embrace It

We all know what puppy love is. It’s a kind of love that’s intense and wonderful, but there’s a very shallow romantic attachment to it. Commonly, we associate this kind of love with the younger generation. Despite its intensity, we should all remember that this is not the kind of love that stays. It’s the adult love that we should be hoping to have at a later point in our life when we are ready to settle down.

Why Adult Love Should Be First Of Our Goals

Puppy love comes from our toddler brain which matures when we reach three years old. We fall in love through the use of this part of our minds. On the other hand, adult love comes from the prefrontal cortex or our adult brain. This is the part of our minds we use to stay in love. read more

What Single People Desire The Most In A Relationship

The times have changed. We can all probably agree that dating isn’t what it used to be. In the past, what our parents or grandparents found to be ideal characteristics in a partner doesn’t matter so much in today’s dating scene. How did the preferences of single people of today change?

A Study On Single People And Their Wants In Long-Term Partners

A new survey conducted by one dating app focused on 2000 singletons and their desire in a relationship. They were asked about what was most significant for them. The highest ranked answer was to have a “meaningful conversation.”

It was discovered among these diverse participants that most of them prefer someone who is able to carry a good conversation over something as superficial as physical appearance. read more