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If You’re Acting This Way, Then You’re Not Dating Her Properly

In our dating life, we often make so many mistakes that we don’t even notice. We are unaware that we are not dating her properly until it is too late. It’s too bad too, especially if we’re dating a woman who we are truly interested to get to know. We have to be more attentive and careful.

Dating Her Properly Does Not Involve The Following Activities

We usually allow life to take over, and that’s alright from time to time. However, if we always run on auto-pilot especially in our dating life, we are not going to achieve anything. You can start by avoiding the following activities:

1. Hanging Out

It’s good to just hang out with the person you’re dating. It’s an opportunity for you to connect as friends. This will benefit you in the long run as your connection with each other will be stronger. However, it so important to remember that hanging out isn’t the same as a date. Dates are a means for you to have a romantic connection so it’s important to have them. read more

You Should Be Doing This 5-Minute Relationship Hack Now

Those who have been with their special someone for a long time will tell you that there are no shortcuts to a successful relationship. This is partially true. Yes, you can’t cut corners, but what you can try is a relationship hack that only takes 5 minutes.

The Easiest And Quickest Relationship Hack Of Them All

Please remember that every relationship hack you do isn’t similar to cheating. It’s not the easy way to making your relationship better. You still have to work hard to make everything work. However, what a hack does is complement the hard work that you’re already doing.

So what is this 5 minute relationship hack, exactly? It’s easy. We all want to feel connected to the person we love. But, most of the time, we lose sight of this because we get caught up in our schedule. Here’s how you can do the 5 min relationship hack: read more

Signs That Tell You You’re In A Twin Flame Relationship

Whenever we’re in a relationship with a special person, we sometimes say that he or she is our soulmate. We may be right, but there’s another kind of connection you might have other than being soulmates. It is called a twin flame relationship.

A Twin Flame Relationship Produces An Instant Connection

A twin flame relationship isn’t familiar to many because we only recognize soulmates. It’s somewhat similar, but a twin flame could be a non-romantic person in your life, like a friend. Basically, a twin flame is a person who mirrors your inner being. This person encourages you to grow on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level. So, how would you know that you are with one? read more

This Activity Can Really Improve Your Dating Life

When it comes to going on dates, you have to admit that it’s naturally exciting yet nerve-wracking. There are plenty of ways to get the nervousness out of you, of course. You can plan your date ahead of time, think about topics to talk about, and choose your outfit beforehand. However, there’s one activity that many of us overlook. By doing this common practice, you can improve your dating life significantly.

Improve Your Dating Life By Practicing Mindfulness

We don’t really think of mindfulness most of the time. This is because our mind is easily distracted with other things like work, chores, and life. But, we must realize that being mindful can do wonders for every aspect of our life, dating included. read more