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Social Media Rules New Modern Couples Need To Follow

We are currently living in a world saturated with the use of social media. Whether we want to admit it or not, this additional aspect of our lives has made things more complicated, not just in our friendships and professional connections but also, in our love lives. Are there social media rules that we need to follow as couples?

Essential Social Media Rules In Relationships

For old couples (couples who have been together for years), the social media rules may have already been established even if there was no formal talk about it. However, for the new ones, they have to be aware of their social media activity so as not to disrupt the continuity of the budding relationship:

1. Hold off on making that relationship request.

When you are happy about the relationship you’re currently in, you definitely want to let the entire world know that you are with somebody. Do not do this just yet. Yes, you’re technically in a relationship but you have to be sure that this person is serious about everything. Never give out a relationship request or change your status on social media unless you are 100% sure that you are formally a couple.

2. Don’t mind his/her ex’s activities.

Is the ex bothering your partner constantly with a bombardment of likes? Don’t mind it if your partner isn’t saying anything. However, if your love is sharing uncomfortable feelings about his/her ex lurking on all the social media accounts, it’s time you talk about what the best course of action is. Blocking the ex could work.

3. Easy on the comments.

Of course, you want to interact with your partner online as much as you are interacting in real life. You might be tempted to flood your partner’s social media with comments about how you’re agreeing with the post or with a dozen emojis. Stop right there. Just like how we need to give our partner’s space in real life, we also need to give them space online.

4. Put your phone down.

Yup, this is also a social media rule that you need to follow. As often as you can, you have to concentrate on building the relationship rather than concentrating on what you need to do on social media as a couple.

Follow all of these four social media rules and your relationship will be just fine. Share this post with new couples so they know exactly what they need to do. For more tips, check out other posts on our blog.