If You’ve Just Started Online Dating This Is What You’ll Go Through To Find Love

Everyone is opting for online dating as their main means of meeting people. It’s the digital age, after all. However, there are still those who have not experienced the online dating environment yet. If you’re one of the few who haven’t tried dating on the internet, you need to know that you’re going to go through different stages to find love online.

To Find Love Online, You Must Go Through These Stages

From that first click on the first online profile, you come across, to your first date, you need to know that it’s normal for first-timers to go through the following phases:

Enthusiastic But With Hesitation

The first stage you go through is a stage filled with enthusiasm and hesitation. You’re enthusiastic because you’re hopeful that you’re going to find a date online yet skeptical because you’re probably wondering if online dating does work or not.

Curiosity And Disappointment

Because everything is new to you, it’s likely that you will feel a sort of buzz when you date online. You check out every profile you come across, you fiddle with your description and photos, and you explore all the features of the dating site you’re on. As you do your thing, it’s likely that you won’t get any responses yet. And, this could lead to disappointment.


Hopefully, you will reach this stage in your online dating phase. As you push through and deal with the disappointment and rejection, you eventually meet someone who you fancy. Finally, you have a date online!

Lost And Confused

It’s possible for you to just stay on the happiness stage of your online dating but more often than not, those who would want to find love online encounter negative dating trends that have plagued the online dating scene for years. Ghosting, benching, and etc happen. When it does, you’ll feel lost and confused because you may think that you had something with the person you were chatting with.

Restored Confidence

Through your bad experience, you will, most likely, learn a thing or two about online dating (and life). Your eyes will slowly open to some truths and you will come to terms with what happened. Eventually, your confidence will be restored.

You Find Love

The last stage is you find love. Hopefully, you won’t have to repeat the cycle.

Going through each of the stages makes you a lot closer to finding love so don’t give up. It’s normal for you to go through ups and downs in online dating. Be consistent and don’t lose hope. For more tips on dating, read more from our blog.

What You Must Know If You Want To Escape A Dating Drought

We have all had our fair share of dating drought. Are you familiar with the term? A dating drought happens when we have not dated somebody for a really long time. Typically, you can say you’ve entered the drought season when your dating life has been non-existent for the past 6 months.

How To Escape A Dating Drought

It’s hard to be in a drought like this. It makes us really rusty. Our once confident selves can become awkward and anxious, especially when we are faced with a potential date. So can one do to escape the drought?

Join The Online Dating Community

Online dating has to be the best means of meeting someone new in a short period of time. You can start by signing up to a dating website of your choosing. Set up your profile, and then browse through others’ profiles to sort out potential matches.

Sharpen Your Chatting Or Texting Skills

This is the modern age. As you may know, people typically communicate through chat or text. Because you, likely, have not had the chance to communicate through these means with the intent of a romantic connection, you must practice. Chat or text with as many people as you can. Don’t forget to flirt and give out compliments.

Familiarize Yourself With Newer Dating Rules

Dating isn’t what it used to be. Even if you’ve only been out of the game for 6 months or so, a lot may have already changed. To get yourself up to speed, read up on what’s new and what’s trending. You can do so through different online publications.

Date Your Friends

No, we don’t mean that you actually date your friends. Ask one of your friends out on a practice date. You can never really prepare yourself for an actual date if you don’t practice in real life. Because you’re going on a practice date with your friend, he or she will give you all the pointers you need for when you have that first date with the person you met through online dating.

It’s not easy to escape a dating drought, but it is do-able with the right help. Try our tips out and see if they work for you. For more dating tips, check out more from our blog.

Happiness Rituals You Need To Start Doing

Our pursuit of happiness is infinite, some believe. In order to be happy, you have to decide, first, to make that decision every day and then work towards it. At least, that’s what most experts will tell you. A new research, however, may have the key to true joy as it reveals happiness rituals that anyone can do.

Neuroscience Recommends Four Happiness Rituals

UCLA neuroscience researcher Alex Korb may have the answers to the question: “How can we be happy?” Korb and his team did an observation about the gray matter in our heads, and here are the happiness rituals they have discovered:

1. Gratitude

The age-old technique of thinking about what you are grateful for when you are down might just have a better effect on our brain than we imagine. If we are feeling down or are worried about something, the best thing to do is not to focus on the negative but on the positive. Ask yourself what you can be grateful for despite your problems or worries. Researchers explain that anti-depressants are taken by those who are depressed so that dopamine in their brains is increased. Gratitude has a similar effect.

2. Label Your Feelings

What, exactly, are you feeling right now? Are you anxious, sad, or angry? When you have identified your emotion, your brain does a better job at processing it. It lessens the emotion’s impact. This was proven via MRI.

3. Make A Decision

Based on the research, your brain will finally feel at rest when you have made a decision to do something about what you feel. For example, you are worried about your finances. To make yourself feel less stressed, you can make a financial plan that spans out for a year. It has been proven that making decisions reduces worry and anxiety.

4. Touch

Is your loved one around? One of the happiness rituals that you need to do is to practice your sense of touch. Hug the person you’re with, kiss him or her, or just hold their hand. It helps us feel loved and accepted, and those are pretty good for your brain.

What does this research tell us? It says that happiness is achievable. Based on the happiness rituals, it’s possible for us to feel joy every day if we choose to. For more tips about self-improvement, read more from our blog.