The Worst Social Media Mistakes, According To Women

Thank Zuckerberg for social media. The guy made it possible to maintain contact with our most loved ones and flirt our brains out with new ladies all at once. But with great fun comes great responsibility, to tweak a little with the well-known quote. Ladies can instantly go off a guy when they notice one of the following social media mistakes.

The Social Media Mistakes That Can Totally Wreck Your Love Life

You may not realize it, but your Facebook, Twitter or any other social media accounts can reveal a hell of a lot about you. So much, actually, that they can put a lady off you for good if you’re not careful. These are some of the most serious social media mistakes guys make.

Being total whiners.

Yes, we get it. You are upset about the traffic this morning, you don’t like the political situation and you kinda hated the service at the bar you went to last Friday night. But, maybe it’s a good idea to go easy on the negativity, as a constant flow of complaints on your social media status is bad news for you. Nobody wants to be with a guy who complains about everything.

Overstyling your life.

Posing next to flashy cars and mansions that don’t belong to you, and generally trying too hard to be something you are not is a behavior that’s seen as pathetic and pretentious. It’s much better to portray yourself in a more realistic light, as making such a great effort is a clear sign of insecurity.

Flashing the flesh too much.

Even if you have the body of a Greek god, your Instagram feed could use a pic where you are not semi-naked now and then. Surely, it’s not always hot where you are, right? Leave something to the imagination.


Oversharing your personal life, your drunken nights out with friends, every little detail about how you spend your days and nights gives the impression of a person who has zero personal life. There are certain things we need to keep for those closest to us, otherwise we just look like attention-cravers.

Making filthy comments.

Flirting is alright, and if you are a single guy you should by all means flirt to your heart’s content. But making dirty comments on ladies’ online photos is not the way to go about it. Just no.

We really hope you have stayed away from these bad social media mistakes,  but they are quite easy to make. Now you know how ladies feel about them, though, think twice before you make your next social media post.

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The New Rules Of Dating You Must Know

In every game there are certain rules not only to regulate it but also to make it more interesting. Every now and then, however, amendments are made to these rules making the game more up-to-date and relevant. For the most pleasurable and efficient dating game, don’t get caught unaware of the new rules of dating.

How Many Of These New Rules Of Dating Do You Know?

Times change, we change and so does the dating scene. This is how the dating game has evolved, with all the brand new rules explained.

IRL dating VS Online and mobile dating

While in the past we had to be physically present to meet someone and take them out on a date, according to the new rules of dating there is no need to anymore. With so many dating apps and sites like AnastasiaDate, spoiling us for choice by hosting a seemingly endless number of potential partners and helping save time and energy, you get to meet girls from the comfort of your home and chat with them for as long as your (and their) heart desires.

Exclusive dating VS Multiple dating

Another major change in the way dating is done is that we no longer date exclusively. A decade ago, it was really not OK to be seeing many people at once, but today it’s perfectly fine to openly play the field for as long as you want and see as many ladies as you need to in order to find The One. Ladies, of course, are also entitled to do the same.

Dirty talk VS Sexting

Forget about whispering in her ear how you’d love to do naughty things together only to have her listen to half of the things you said, leading to some of the most awkward moments of your dating life. The new rules of dating include sexting; the new way to talk dirty that is awkward-free. One word of advice, though. In order to do sexting right you need to start subtly and let her lead the way and show you how far she’s willing to take things, or else you run the risk of creeping her out.

Asking About Your Past VS Googling you

Wanting to know about your new date’s past is understandable, but forget about the endless questions aiming to probe you about your previous relationships. Why bother ask all those uncomfortable questions when she can simply Google you? Your past is right there, so make sure you’re in control of what others can see on your Facebook profile, all other social media and the internet in general.

40s VS 30s

Once upon a time, it was something of a crime to even want to look hot in your 40s. Well, today’s super-hot stars in their 40s, like David Beckham, Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Reynolds, Sofia Vergara, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Heidi Klum – to name a few – prove that age is just a number. And with our careers taking over so much of our 20s and 30s, we get to make families much later than we used to; so 40s are indeed the new 30s.

Now you know the latest rules of dating, it’s time to play the game even better than before. There is one simple rule that never changes, though, and it’s one you should never forget: follow your heart and have a good time.

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The Multiple Benefits Of Dating Divorced People

Everyone has a past; there is nothing wrong with that. Some of us have been in many short-term relationships; some have spent more time with one partner, while others have even taken the big step of getting married, only to see their marriage fall apart. If you have ever been out with someone from the latter category, you may have noticed there are quite a few benefits to dating divorced people.

Why Dating Divorced People Has Certain Perks

From practical reasons to psychological ones, this is why not only should you not be put off dating someone who’s been divorced, but it actually makes a lot of sense dating them.

To begin with, a person who has been married once has already proven that they are not afraid of commitment – they have made the decision once. And even though it didn’t work that time, it still means that they believe in the institution and are not the kind of people who run away at the thought of making a commitment to a partner.

Secondly, a divorced person has already been “housebroken”. They know the rules of sharing a house, from sharing the bathroom every morning before work and having to do the house chores to peacefully spending time with another person under the same roof. Unless someone has already been there, they can’t imagine the problems that arise from the smallest difficulties of sharing a household.

A third advantage to dating divorced people is that they know how to communicate effectively. A marriage involves the need to communicate over a number of things, from financial issues to child-rearing and coordinating time schedules, which means that your partner will already be able to communicate with you in an effective manner and you won’t have to struggle much when it is time for you to move on to a more serious type of relationship later on.

Last but not least, divorced people come from failed relationships, which means that they have been taught some really valuable life lessons that have only made them wiser. This is the kind of wisdom you can use to your advantage, as it means that your partner now knows what he/she wants and, perhaps more importantly, what they don’t want from a relationship. They will most probably have learned the hard way how to be a better partner and speak out about the things they want from their better half too.

Becoming Better Partners

Even though all of us carry our own emotional baggage, at the end of the day it is our past and our experiences that can make us better, more communicative and understanding partners who know what they want.  Dating divorced people can offer us some insight on marriage and teach us a lesson or two about committed relationships.

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