What A Real Man Will Answer When Asked “Why Do You Love Me?”

When your lady asks, “Why do you love me?” do you usually panic? Don’t worry because most guys do too. Keep in mind that she is not asking because she feels like you don’t love her enough. Sometimes, women just want to hear men express their love from their own lips. But, how would a real man answer this question? You don’t want to mess up your lady’s mood by saying the wrong thing.

A Real Man Will Have A Lot To Say About The Girl He Loves

First of all, don’t get nervous. But, just in case you are at loss for words, review the following suggestions and see which line fits your situation the best:

1. “I love you because you’re not afraid of showing your true self.”

This one is a compliment. You’re telling her that you see who she really is and that you love her for being her true self. It’s hard to be vulnerable around people, sometimes, but you’re saying that you admire her for putting her guard down around you and others. read more

Here’s What You Need To Do To Attract The Right Woman

When we don’t have much luck on the dating front, we usually question ourselves. We ask, “What’s wrong with me? What am I lacking?” Well, it’s right for us to think that the major reason why we don’t have much of a love life is ourselves. But, it’s not because we lack something. We don’t attract the right woman because of our actions and our perspectives.

To Attract The Right Woman, We Have To Change The Following Perspectives

Changing your perspective on certain things won’t help you get a date instantly. However, as you go through the dating scene, whether online dating or offline, people are going to see the change in you. This is going to attract the right woman and help you maintain a serious relationship. So, here’s what you need to change: read more

New Age Dating Terms You Need To Master

If there is anything that is trending in the dating game nowadays, it is how millennials have coined a term for every stage and aspect of going out. There are so many new age dating terms now that it can be hard to catch up.

New Age Dating Terms You Have Never Known Before

In order not to miss out, here are some updated new age dating terms for you. You may or may not apply them, but well, it pays to be informed:


The term Draking is inspired by the Canadian rapper. It refers to people who are wallowing in their sorrows because of their love interest who did not return the feelings or just basically dumped them. Meanwhile, the people who do that are called ‘Drakers’. read more

This Is What You Need To Do After A Great Date

Sometimes, we get really lucky and experience an awesome date. The problem comes after. What do you say after a great date that was really amazing? You don’t want to ruin things by saying something awkward or inappropriate. The tendency is for us to overthink the situation.

After A Great Date, You Need To Stop Overthinking What To Say

While you can get dumbfounded waking up the next day and finding out it wasn’t a dream, you have to do something positive after a great date. Snap out of your reverie and do this – send a text message or a private chat message. Here are some tips on how to do it:

1. Time It Properly

Don’t send it too early in the morning or too late, like the next day. Sending it too early makes you seem too eager and clingy. And, your message might wake him or her up and be a turn-off. If it’s too late, your date might already assume something else. Sending your text or chat message mid-morning is about quite right. read more