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Dating Rules We All Need To Break This Year

It’s 2021. Some of us really need to update the dating rules they know and follow. It’s true that there are rules that will remain classic, but others have really changed. If you can’t get with the times, this might be why you don’t have much luck in your dating pursuits lately.

Update Your Knowledge By Dropping These Outdated Dating Rules

For you to level up your game, you have to stay updated. Start with your dating rules. Below, we’ve listed down some rules that you should definitely drop ASAP:

1. No Kissing On The First Date

Whoever made this dating rule? When you spend an evening with someone wonderful, it’s only natural for you to want to act on the electricity you feel. The person you’re with might just feel the same too. Give into it.

2. Three Is A Crowd

If you’re comfortable taking other people on your first date, go ahead. Just make sure that the other person knows about it and that he or she is OK with it. Remember that your first date is for testing chemistry. If you hit it off, always remember you can get to know each other on the second date.

3. Dress To Impress

You don’t have to wear your best suit to go on a date. This isn’t to say that you can wear your gym clothes. Nope. All you have to do is dress appropriately and look like you put a bit of effort into your look. Contrary to what you may be thinking, a simple outfit is acceptable.

4. 3-Day Rule

Whoever said that you need to wait three days before you text someone after a first date is old-fashioned. If you truly like someone, it’s important that you support it with your actions. It’s going to be a bit weird for your date, wondering if you’re going to text or not when you’ve had a great night. Don’t wait, if you want to, text right after you say goodbye to each other, why not?

These four dating rules are basic, but they will help you get a second date, and hopefully, change your perspective about what dating is like today. For more updates on modern dating, read more posts on our blog.