You Won’t Survive Without This Key Relationship Ingredient

Many things have been said about what makes dating or a relationship work. But, actually, the key relationship ingredient that should always be present is compassion. You may think that compassion is not that big of a deal, but there are plenty of reasons why it is.

Compassion Is The Key Relationship Ingredient To Being Happy In Love

Compassion is being able to feel what your partner is feeling, even in suffering. You identify with them, and this feeling can help you cope during the most difficult times of your relationship. There are four horses of divorce, so they say, and these are contempt, criticism, defensiveness, and stonewalling. Compassion can circumvent all of those. read more

This Decision List Will Tell You If She’s A Keeper Or Not

For a man, the vital question is: how do I know if she is a keeper or not? Will our relationship withstand the test of time? The decision list below will help you know if your current date is a what most of us know as a keeper – a woman you can bring home to your mom.

How Many Boxes Does She Tick Out In this Decision List?

A long-term relationship or even marriage highly depends on whether you got yourself a keeper. Quietly check your woman against the decision list below, and see how many boxes she ticks out:

She has the smarts.

When looking for a life partner, it is important that she is smart. And, it is much better if she is smarter than you. It is believed that a smart partner will continue to challenge you intellectually, so your mind keeps working and remains sharp. You continually discuss and churn out ideas. And, it doesn’t stop even if you’re already old and gray. read more

Relationship Tests That Will Reveal A Lot About Your Connection

How connected and aware are you of your partner? There are relationship tests that you will encounter throughout your partnership that will really test the level of connection you have. When you overcome the tests, it is clear you and your partner are withstanding pressures that come your way, whether you are 20 or 60.

Pass These Relationship Tests To Strengthen Your Connection

A connection is important in every relationship. As time passes, ideally the connection we have with the person we’re with should grow and deepen. Before you reach this point, you may have to go through the following tests:

1. Working Together

There are people who do not want to work with their partners because they just clash. Their ideas seem to just to oppose each other and a fight usually ensues. It can also get worse if the woman is superior in the workplace.

However, couples with a strong connection can actually even strengthen their relationship while working together. They learn to adapt and deal with each other’s temperaments without devaluing or compromising the quality of their work. They love as well as respect each other so they put more value in their relationship rather than their ego.

2. Traveling Together

When traveling, you do not only see beautiful sights, but you also go through airport queues, immigration woes, rented cars breaking down, and shabby service or accommodations. There are also personal differences and preferences in travel. All these things can dampen our travel plans and you will get to know your partner more especially with how he or she deals with inconveniences while on the road.

Strong couples usually have each other’s backs. They have pretty much the same interests but if they do disagree, they agree to give each other opportunities to satisfy their wanderlust.

3. Living Together

Dating can be a sweet and romantic time but living together is an altogether different arena. When you live together, you discover some disgusting habits in your partner that were not noticeable when you were going out. Couples with a strong connection work out their differences, either through acceptance, compromise, or change, depending on the practices at home. These can be challenges that can just be attributed to the adjustment period. Eventually, these differences will be settled and the couple can live harmoniously together. If they don’t get settled, separation occurs.

People are different from each other so the dynamics of each relationship is different. But, these three situations are real relationship tests that will show your level of commitment and connection to each other. For more tips on relationships, read other posts on our blog.

If You Want To Be Happy, Don’t Make These Emotional Mistakes

We encounter plenty of emotional mistakes in our pursuit of love and happiness. Ideally, we need to learn from them so we can move forward. However, what’s happening is that we tend to make the same emotional mistakes over and over again. Reminders of what these mistakes and tips on how we can completely get passed them might do us good.

A Happy Life Is Within Reach When We Avoid These Emotional Mistakes

Most of the time, life gets in the way. And so, we go on never really keeping in mind the lessons we have learned from the past emotional mistakes we did. So we can stop torturing ourselves, read through this list of common emotional mistakes we make regularly:

Avoiding Uncomfortable Emotions Or Feelings

In the movie “Inside Out”, we learned a lot of things about how we feel. It was revealed that all kinds of emotions exist in one person. Shutting down all other emotions like fear, sadness, and disgust may be uncomfortable, but will eventually suck all the happiness out of us. The fact is, uncomfortable feelings help us grow as individuals. We have to experience negative emotions in order to truly experience positive ones.

Denying How You Feel

Similarly, denying your true feelings will also eat up the genuine joy in your heart. When we have physical injuries, we treat them. We should do the same with our emotional wounds. We should acknowledge that they are there and they need to be taken care of. And immediately, too, if you can. Suppressing emotions is unhealthy because the hurt just keeps mounting and eventually, you can blow up like a volcano or you can crash into depression. If left untreated, the emotional injuries will manifest themselves physically.

Chasing Happiness

People’s idea of happiness is becoming the rage nowadays. We chase happiness, like it’s the end-goal in life. But, chasing happiness will not give you lasting gratification. It’s like pressuring yourself to do everything in your list in order to be happy. It removes the joy from spontaneity as well as truly experiencing what life is really about. Chasing will make you feel worse because you cannot accept disappointments and frustrations, and are not living in the now. In our journey, we need to accept that the moments in our life can’t be happy all the time.

Happiness can be a tricky thing to achieve. We can’t always be happy. Life is not perfect. Our plans never work out exactly the way we want it. The key is always balance. You will be happier when you experience different kinds of emotions and know how to deal with them in a healthy way. For more tips on self-development, read the rest of our blog.