You Will Suffer If You Have An Avoidant Partner, Here’s Why

Intimate relationships and marriages require a good balance. There needs to be closeness as well as some distance, interdependence as well as autonomy. These factors make the relationship healthy and flourishing. So, if you have an avoidant partner, needless to say, affection and intimacy will be affected. Eventually, your relationship will suffer because emotional needs are not met.

How To Tell If You Have An Avoidant Partner

If you want a healthy and growing relationship, you might as well stay away from an avoidant partner. But, how will you know? Here are some characteristics that you should watch out for when you are dating:

Commitment Shy

Is your date skirting the issue of making long-term plans or discussing the future of your relationship? An avoidant partner may be vague or non-committal when asked what they want. When you propose an activity that could bring you closer, they will immediately reject the idea. read more

Facial Cues We First Look At When Meeting New People

No matter how many times we say that we should not judge a book by its cover, we cannot really help it. Sometimes, it is already something that is wired in our subconscious. We recognize facial cues the first time we meet a person, and that’s similar to forming a first impression on what a book is about.

How We Perceive Facial Cues

Looking at people, the first thing that we see is the face. Instinctively, we search for facial cues. Experts say that we usually look for four cues in every person that we meet. Then our interactions with them also differ. The following are these four cues:

1. Having a baby face.

If we meet people who have “baby faces”, we can not help but treat the other person more kindly. It is as if we are talking to babies or young ones. This happens because we have a natural tendency to find babies cute and we have the same reactions to those having a baby face. These are people who have large eyes, short chins, round faces, as well as large foreheads. read more

Realest Dating Advice You Will Ever Read

Even when you’ve been dating for years, there will still be a couple of things about it that you don’t understand or realize. And a lack of knowledge and understanding might be the main factor that’s hindering us from finding real love. What we need is the realest dating advice that will help us realize a few facts about dating.

Realest Dating Advice That Serves As Our Wake Up Call

With all the dating advice we encounter every day, we need the ones that are the most real and honest so we can date successfully. We need to remember the following by heart:

Letting Go Is Painful But Necessary

Most of the time, we hold on to relationships that we know are no longer working. If we have the desire to ask our partner if they are on their way out, it’s likely that they are. At this point, despite the pain, you need to start moving on if things aren’t working. read more

Toxic Dating Habits You Should Leave In 2020

If you haven’t seen a lot of action in your dating life, you shouldn’t blame it all on bad luck. The most likely reason for your unsuccessful dating streak is a slew of toxic dating habits that you keep on repeating.

Toxic Dating Habits You Need To Stop ASAP

Over and over you keep on doing the same mistake. This turned into a habit and then the habit turned into a dating rut that you’re currently stuck in. Don’t worry because there are always ways out of a rut. Here are our suggestions:

1. Don’t empower your preference list too much.

We all have a list that we refer to from time to time. This list contains all of the traits and characteristics we want our future partner to possess. Although there’s nothing wrong with the list because it serves as a reminder of our standards. But, we sometimes refuse to be flexible with the people we meet. Who cares if your date has black hair instead of blonde? read more