Signs You Have Undeniable Chemistry With Your Online Date

When we consider people whom we want to date, we first consider their qualities, their interests, and their looks. Then when we start dating, there is one more thing that we look for – undeniable chemistry. Chemistry is a feeling we share with the other person that results from compatibility.

How Do You Identify That Undeniable Chemistry Is Present

Despite our gut feeling, there’s still a bit of hesitation most of us feel when talking about chemistry. This hesitation is most common when we meet a person online. Yes, we may have a great time chatting online, but will it be the same in real life? To help you out, you can actually look for the following signs that say the undeniable chemistry with your online date is palpable:

Sense Of Humor

A sense of humor plays a big part in any relationship. It is something that makes our hearts lighter even when situations seem tense. Does your online date laugh at your jokes? Do you find silliness in the same things?

Talking About In-Depth Topics

It can be easy to talk to someone about light topics for a casual chat. But, those topics will soon become lackluster and you will find yourself getting bored. But if you can talk about life, passions, interests, and various serious matters, then you just might have found somebody that you can bring through for the rest of your life.

A Sense Of Ease

Undeniable chemistry is present when you feel like talking or interacting with your online date comes easy. You don’t have to think about topics to talk about, they just come out instantly. Most conversations flow, and you get this impression that you’re talking to someone familiar.

These signs should serve as proof. It may be time to ask out your online date to meet in real life. Remember that the workings of the mind and heart stem from two separate universes. They are polar opposites. But when there’s undeniable chemistry, all these processes will just fall into place and in agreement. For more tips, read more of our blog.

You Don’t Need Impostor Syndrome In Your Relationship (Or The Rest Of Your Life)

If you haven’t heard of the impostor syndrome, you better get around to know more about it. The term itself was coined in the 1970s because researchers found that a lot of people were concerned about not being good enough.

Work Through Your Impostor Syndrome In Life And Love

Essentially, the impostor syndrome is rooted in the belief that a person is pretending to be someone he or she is not (even though the opposite can be true). Today, in the age of technology, experts say that the impostor syndrome is felt even more.

We all have easy access to social media. Every one of us can see and keep track of people’s lives. You might question where you are right now because you saw a younger person running a big company all on his or her own.

This is what this syndrome does to us – it makes us stop and think whether we are just pretending to be our best selves. Deep down inside, we may feel like we’re simply inadequate. This feeling extends to all aspects of one’s life, not just the love department.

Impostor Syndrome Symptoms

To see if you have this syndrome, read the scenarios below and check if they seem familiar to you:

  • You’re worried that your boss or significant other might find out that you’re not a good employee or person.
  • You only feel like you did well on something when you get confirmation from those around you.
  • You don’t feel comfortable when someone passes you a compliment.

Why Is This A Problem?

If we feel that we are not good enough, there’s a chance that this perspective might mess up our love lives. It will likely mess up our personal relationships and our careers as well. You have to recognize that there’s a difference between wanting to improve yourself and believing that you are not good enough. To get past this nasty syndrome, consider the following tips:

  • Say thank you when your partner or anyone gives you a compliment.
  • Take on hobbies that will make you feel accomplished. Yoga, for example, helps you get more in-tune with your inside self. Hiking is a good way to have that sense of achievement too.
  • Don’t fake it! Having the mentioned syndrome could make you do things to appear better. No, stop it. Just be yourself and accept that it is good enough.

Everyone has the impostor syndrome. We just have varying levels of how deeply we feel it within us. To get rid of it totally, it’s important that you work on your self-awareness and self-perspective. For more tips on self-improvement, read other posts on the blog.

Ridiculous Dating Tips That Are Actually Very Effective

For those of us who have been in the dating scene for quite some time, we may feel like we’ve read all of the ridiculous dating tips that we can take. Well, here are a few more for your list, but don’t take these ridiculous dating tips lightly because you’d be surprised at how effective they actually are.

Who Would Have Thought That These Ridiculous Dating Tips Work?

Sometimes, we are let down with the dating tips we read online. Some of them are alright, but those that say, “Be yourself” are just downright repetitive. The dating tips on this list, however, are totally unexpected:

1. Adrenaline Rush Date

One of the best ways to connect quickly with your date is to go on a date that will get your heart beats raising. This doesn’t mean that you have to go skydiving or anything to that effect, but the usual trip to the amusement park might leave you wanting to see more of each other.

2. Look At Your Date’s Feet

Wait, this isn’t some fetish, OK? Our feet hold the greatest distance from our brain. So, they’re the body parts that we don’t really pay attention to. When you’re on your date, check where your date’s feet are facing. If they are facing you, then it’s likely interest is mutual.

3. Share That Dessert

It sounds corny, doesn’t it? Well, it’s a nice way to end your dinner date. According to one study, people who have consumed a sugary treat will more likely want to have a relationship with someone they shared it with. We all love desserts, and our brain somehow associates the pleasantness of the dessert with the person we shared it with.

4. Wear Red

On your first date, wear a red shirt or dress. Experts say that red actually makes people more attractive. It’s no wonder that everything is red during February 14. It’s also no surprise that the color of love is red.

Try these tips out and maybe you’ll have better luck with your dates. For more relationship and dating advice, read other posts on our blog.

Adult Love Should Look Like This, It’s Time You Embrace It

We all know what puppy love is. It’s a kind of love that’s intense and wonderful, but there’s a very shallow romantic attachment to it. Commonly, we associate this kind of love with the younger generation. Despite its intensity, we should all remember that this is not the kind of love that stays. It’s the adult love that we should be hoping to have at a later point in our life when we are ready to settle down.

Why Adult Love Should Be First Of Our Goals

Puppy love comes from our toddler brain which matures when we reach three years old. We fall in love through the use of this part of our minds. On the other hand, adult love comes from the prefrontal cortex or our adult brain. This is the part of our minds we use to stay in love.

The main reason why we cannot sustain our puppy love is that it comes into conflict with cognitive limitations. When we are experiencing puppy love, we feel like our entire world revolves around this one person. We have a very different perspective of who the person actually is – we view our partner as someone who is perfect. As soon as we see the flaws, we question whether the love we felt was true or not.

Meanwhile, adult love stems from our most humane values like compassion, kindness, and the desire for growth. Most would also refer to this as a mature kind of love.

Is Your Toddler Brain Active In Your Relationship?

Sadly, most relationships function with the use of our toddler brain. As mentioned, this kind of connection won’t last very long. But, how do you know when your toddler brain is active? Answer the following yes or no questions to find out:

  • When in an argument, do you always have to have things your way?
  • Do you always say that your point is the right one?
  • Do you say no to your partner’s opinions?

If you answered yes to all of the questions, then you are operating your relationship with your toddler brain. Starting today, you must learn how to shift to your adult brain by leaving blame, denial, and avoidance behind. Focus on improvement, appreciation, connection, and protection. You may not switch instantly, but with plenty of effort, you’ll be able to do it and see your relationship progress for the better. For more tips on improving relationships, read more posts on our blog.