Still looking for The One? Here’s what you are doing wrong

We all have a type when it comes to dating or meeting people. Whether you admit it or not, we, either consciously or subconsciously, look for traits that we have put on our list. As we go on this journey, we often say that we are looking for the one.

Is Looking For The One A Fruitless Endeavor?

There’s absolutely no problem with the wanting to find someone to love. We all have that basic human need. What’s not working for us, however, is the mindset that we adopt when we look for someone to care for. Experts call it the “destiny mindset”. So, why is it detrimental?

1. It Makes Us Focus On One’s Faults

When you have this long list of traits that are more positive, you will tend to look for traits in your date that’s not on your list. The traits your date lacks are much easier to spot, don’t you agree? For example, you already have this “type” in your mind who likes to sing. If your date doesn’t have a passion for it, then immediately, he or she is not the right person. read more

These Are The Signs Of A Long-lasting Relationship

Who, in their right mind, wouldn’t want to be in a long-lasting relationship? We go out meeting new people and dating just for the very reason. Of course, there are those who just want to play around, but eventually, they will want something more serious and permanent.

A Long-lasting Relationship Is Filled With Love And Respect

It’s mandatory for a long lasting relationship to be filled with all the “good stuff”. Definitely, love and respect are on the top of the list. But, aside from the two mentioned, what other characteristics does a long-lasting relationship have?

Attention To Each Other’s Daily Lives

Even if your day was uneventful, you will still have the desire to share it with your significant other. The smallest of details, that may not matter to a person outside the relationship, is something exciting that you want to share to the person you’re with. Reciprocally, your partner is excited or glad to hear it too. read more

This Is the Best Way to Meet Someone New

If you have dated online already, or even if you haven’t, you must try video dating. In most cases, we only text with potential partners, but we never really go the extra mile and have a video chat with them. And it’s about time you start doing so because it’s one of the best ways to meet someone new.

Why Video Dating Is Ideal To Meet Someone New Online

You’re probably thinking that you are not the kind of person who goes video dating, especially with strangers that you just met. Don’t worry. Everyone has that feeling. However, you should consider going on a video date for the following reasons:

Video Dating Will Confirm Someone’s Identity

It’s fine if you just want to stick to chatting, but you have to admit that video dating will quickly confirm the identity of a person. It’s difficult to cheat a live video feed, you know. Compare this with just chatting online. You can ask for photos, but it’s just way faster through a video. You don’t have to second guess your date’s identity or be worried about being catfished. read more

Your Greatest Misconceptions About Dating

During the course of our dating lives, we have picked up a lot of misconceptions about dating here and there. Some of them may seem harmless, but they ultimately become obstacles that hinder us from finding and even meeting new people.

Misconceptions About Dating You Should Drop Right Now

When you are on a date, probably, one of your biggest goals is to see if the person is “the one”. This is the kind of thinking that gets us into trouble. For one, it gives us unnecessary stress because we’re putting too much pressure on meeting a new person for the first date. Other misconceptions about dating include:

1. It’s All About Romantic Chemistry

When you go on a date, it’s mostly about seeing if there’s a romantic possibility between two people. It’s normal, but you can also look at it at a different way. People date to find a partner, but some also date to find either friendship or companionship. read more