The Most Interesting Love Facts People Usually Don’t Know

Despite the debate of what approach works and doesn’t work in one’s love life, there are still love facts that are undeniable. What facts are these? Aside from everyone knowing that love is, perhaps, one of the best feelings in the world, there are plenty of other love facts that not many know about.

Surprising Love Facts That You Can Impress Your Dates With

Today, we’re going to reveal some love facts that not everyone is familiar with. This is just a nice-to-know kind of post, but you can also use the facts that you learn here to break the ice with your date, whether meeting online or offline:

Love Is Like A Drug

Are you addicted to love? This may be the reason behind it. One study published in Medical News Today revealed that people who are in love tend to have increased levels of adrenaline, oxytocin, and dopamine in their brains. These are the very same chemicals that produce a euphoric-state produced when taking specific drugs. read more

Self-Realizations You Need To Accept To Find True Love

We often think that finding true love needs to come from outside forces. For example, to find true love in this day and age, you need to be signed up to a dating site. This is true and everyone needs to take advantage of technology to find true love. However, what you need to look into first is finding love within yourself.

The First Step For You To Find True Love Is Accepting These Beliefs

Whether you believe that this is true or not, you cannot take away from the fact that you won’t be able to love someone fully if you don’t accept certain truths. Here’s your wake up call:

1. Not everyone will be attracted to me.

To you, this may sound like a negative but you have to realize that this is a fact. Not everyone you meet will find you attractive. You are not everyone’s type. This doesn’t mean that you’re not good looking. This simply means that you can get rejected, and that’s OK. read more

This Is What Women Consider Major Red Flags

If you’ve been online dating for some time now, you already know what major red flags to avoid. Ditch someone who asks for money online. Avoid giving out personal information about yourself. These are all pretty basic. But, how about major red flags when you’re already dating in the real world?

Major Red Flags You Should Never Do When Dating

During dates, we always want to be ourselves, but still put our best feet forward so our date can have a good first impression about us. However, there are times when we do something that our date simply doesn’t like. For you to be more aware of what trivial actions can lead to the loss of our next date, refer to the list below:

1. Isolating your date from her friends and family.

It’s not right to isolate your date from the people she cares about. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been dating for a week or for two years. Keeping her all to yourself won’t be good for your relationship in the long run.

2. Ignoring or laughing at boundaries.

Different people have different beliefs. For example, if your date doesn’t like the green jokes you’re making, you need to respect her wishes. Never shrug it off or simply laugh at her, saying that she’s too uptight.

3. Telling her she’s “crazy”.

First of all, you never want to tell a woman that she’s crazy. No woman wants to hear that there’s something wrong with her head. By extension, you don’t want to tell your date that women (in general) are crazy, even if you were referring to your ex.

4. Making future plans too early.

You’re going to scare any woman you’re with when you make future plans early on in the relationship. It’s a great way to tell your date that you see a future with her, but your timing is off. If you’ve dated for, at least, a year, then you can lightly touch on future stuff.

5. Figuring her out after only a couple of dates.

“You’re the kind of girl who…” is an introduction to a sentence you never want to say. Never assume that a woman is this type or that because you don’t know her very well yet.

The items listed above may very well be simple mistakes that you commonly do. Now that you are aware that they’re considered to be major red flags, stop doing them all together. For more tips about dating success, read more on our blog.

This One Simple Way To Spice Up A Relationship Is Very Effective

Whenever we’ve been in a relationship for a long time, we usually observe that the spark disappears. The kind of excitement you felt during your honeymoon phase seems to have faded away. How do you spice up a relationship so you feel refreshed, passionate and excited to be with your partner?

An Unexpected Yet Practical Way To Spice Up A Relationship

Let’s think back to when we were teenagers. Can you recall one of your teenage loves? What was the most exciting thing about it? You may have stayed up all night, talking to your love on the phone without your parents knowing. Or, you could have met at a secret place after school to hang out and spend time together. Most likely, your teenage fling was exciting because you were breaking the rules.

Experts say that violating a prohibition can give birth to desire. Even if breaking the rules makes you a bit nervous, there’s always a thrill that springs forth from doing something you’re not supposed to.

This was probably easier when you were younger since you had plenty of rules to break. So, how about now that you’re an adult? How do you break the rules to spice up a relationship?

Examples Of Rules You Can Break

First off, rule-breaking isn’t about breaking the law. That’s a whole different story. Think about your daily routine as a couple. What rule can you break from there? If you can’t think of anything, below are a few examples you can follow:

  • Get off from work early and then drink the night away with your partner. When was the last time you did this?
  • Go to work late. Spend a bit of time in the morning with your significant other.
  • Send your partner a random text in the middle of the day while you’re at the office. Tell him or her that you’re thinking about spending time as soon as you get home.

Did you notice that these tasks aren’t really extreme rule-breaking? The idea is to identify little transgressions that you can do to break the norm. Although the changes you’re making are small, they will surely spice up a relationship that has made you feel bored and disinterested. For more tips about dating and improving relationships, read our blog.