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How To Keep Your Long-Distance Girlfriend Hooked And Happy

Even if your relationship with your beautiful girlfriend is a long-distance one, it’s nice to have someone in your life who cares for you. You have to remember, however, that having a long-distance girlfriend requires you to make a conscious effort to maintain your relationship. You can’t just disappear all of a sudden even if it is to take a rest.

Your Long-Distance Girlfriend Will Feel Contented If You Do These Actions

A lot of people feel like having a long-distance girlfriend is difficult. Well, the truth is, yes, it can be a challenging relationship to maintain. However, if you have already found the person for you, you probably wouldn’t mind doing the work. So, how would you keep your long-girlfriend happy and contented? read more

Are You Being Too Picky While Dating?

When finding the right person to be with, it’s impossible for us not to have preferences. Some of us may prefer women with long black hair, some prefer blondes. There are those of us who love dating Eastern European women, but others don’t really have this preference. Is it possible though that we are becoming too picky while dating?

When You’re Too Picky While Dating, You’ll Have A Hard Time Finding True Love

In an age where we are granted so many options, it’s impossible for us not to be picky. We have online dating and app dating now which affords us plenty of options. If you say that you want to meet a Spanish person, with dark hair, blue eyes, who works as a doctor, lives a comfortable life, and has only had three serious relationships so far, you might find one. But, does this mean being too picky while dating?

The answer is yes. Here’s the difference between preference and pickiness:

  • Preference focus on important things like a person’s character. Pickiness, on the other hand, deals more with the superficial aspects of a person.
  • You can do away with your preferences if you meet a good person who you’re genuinely interested in. But, if you’re too picky, you have to have the whole package.
  • Preferences come naturally. Being picky involves a long list of PROs and CONs.
  • When you have preferences, you give people a second chance even if the first date didn’t go too well. When you’re picky, you rarely have second dates.
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    This Activity Can Really Improve Your Dating Life

    When it comes to going on dates, you have to admit that it’s naturally exciting yet nerve-wracking. There are plenty of ways to get the nervousness out of you, of course. You can plan your date ahead of time, think about topics to talk about, and choose your outfit beforehand. However, there’s one activity that many of us overlook. By doing this common practice, you can improve your dating life significantly.

    Improve Your Dating Life By Practicing Mindfulness

    We don’t really think of mindfulness most of the time. This is because our mind is easily distracted with other things like work, chores, and life. But, we must realize that being mindful can do wonders for every aspect of our life, dating included.

    A study that involved 311 participants who dated online were required to enroll in a program that promotes mindfulness through meditation. Their results were compared to 311 other participants who did not undergo the program.

    The Results

    The results were very telling. The participants who went through the program were able to log into their dating site of choice more frequently than those who did not.

    On top of this, there was also a reported increase in the number of matches the participants of the program viewed. Interestingly, the majority of those matches viewed the dating profiles of the participants as well.

    The best part is that an increase was also observed in the number of two-way communications between the participants of the program and their matches.

    Improve Your Dating Life Through Meditation

    It’s simple. The results are telling us that we need to relax. In most cases, dating, whether online or offline, is actually a cause of stress. We feel anxiety if we don’t get any replies. Also, we worry too much about what our potential dates may think of us.

    We are dating as if we are walking on eggshells. Both the program and the results are showing that meditation is an important tool to improve your dating life. What have you got to lose, especially if one of the positive outcomes would be improving your dating life? For more dating tips and relationship advice, read other posts on the blog.

    This Is How You Can Date With Confidence Again After A Divorce

    Going through a divorce is something that can inhibit you from dating successfully in the future. It’s an ordeal, yes, but know that you can still date with confidence once you’re ready to move forward.

    Date With Confidence After A Divorce With These Practical Tips

    First off, before you even think about dating, you have to make sure that you’re ready to get back into the game. For example, you shouldn’t be dating again because you feel lonely. Once you’ve figured this out, you can make use of the following tips for you to date with confidence:

    1. Find someone worth dating.

    You have already been through a lot. You don’t want to start dating on the wrong foot. Whoever you met, make sure that this person is worth dating. He or she shouldn’t just be a pretty face, and you should pay attention not to lower your standards just because you feel you’ll never find someone. You have to have a real connection with the person before you decide to go out with him or her.

    2. Try app dating.

    If you haven’t tried app dating before, then you should. It’s a new way to meet people, and it gives you the opportunity to gauge someone out before a date. You can chat with people as well as do video chats to get to know them better.

    3. Think of fun questions to ask beforehand.

    You’re going to be a bit rusty when it comes to conversations. So, it’s best that you prepare questions beforehand. Make them fun and interesting so you’ll maintain you’re date’s attention.

    4. Forget about your ex.

    While you’re on your date, make sure that you are upfront about your divorce. However, what you don’t need to share is how bad your ex was.

    5. Don’t forget to flirt during your date.

    Do you remember how to flirt? If not, then you have to refresh your memory. Pass out compliments, maintain eye contact, and make sure your body language is right.

    Yes, you’ve already been hurt before but put yourself out there if you want to find true love. Date with confidence and don’t allow your past to define you as a person. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.