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Irresistible Men Have These Characteristics

Most men are already aware of what women want in a physical sense. For example, chiseled abs, a well-defined chin, and great looking hair (or maybe a dad bod). However, if you want to be a complete package, you have to look beyond physical aspects that make irresistible men alluring to all women.

Non-Physical Traits Irresistible Men Possess

The truth is, being handsome and having a good physique are just plus points. They can easily be overlooked when the man isn’t confident and assertive. So, instead of feeling down on yourself because you don’t have that summer-ready body, you could work on the following instead:

1. Don’t Say No

What shouldn’t you say no to? Adventures, of course. Irresistible men are always game for new experiences. Whether your date is asking to go to a class together, or a short road trip to somewhere, say yes.

2. Don’t Give Up Easily

You have to be a go-getter. When you’re dating online, you have to be assertive. When you’ve hit it off with someone, ask them out immediately. In an offline setting don’t be discouraged because the person you’re interested in is saying that you are not her type. You have to be persistent and pursue the woman that you want to date. But you have to do that mindfully. If she really means NO, and just teasing you or playing hard to get, then it’s time to move on.

3. Continue Learning

Whether it is current events, or something interesting that you have just discovered, go ahead and continue your quest for knowledge. Women find intellectual men irresistible.

4. Take Charge

You know, even independent women love a man who can take charge. You just have to know how to take charge in a way that doesn’t come off as controlling. For example, if you want to ask your online date out, go ahead. Set the time and place.

All of these traits stem from being self-assured. If you know who you are as a person, all of these traits will just emerge naturally. Keep working on yourself for the better. Irresistible men are confident in their ways because they don’t stop growing and discovering more of themselves. For other tips on self-improvement and dating, read more of our posts on the blog.