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The Worst Social Media Mistakes, According To Women

Thank Zuckerberg for social media. The guy made it possible to maintain contact with our most loved ones and flirt our brains out with new ladies all at once. But with great fun comes great responsibility, to tweak a little with the well-known quote. Ladies can instantly go off a guy when they notice one of the following social media mistakes.

The Social Media Mistakes That Can Totally Wreck Your Love Life

You may not realize it, but your Facebook, Twitter or any other social media accounts can reveal a hell of a lot about you. So much, actually, that they can put a lady off you for good if you’re not careful. These are some of the most serious social media mistakes guys make.

Being total whiners.

Yes, we get it. You are upset about the traffic this morning, you don’t like the political situation and you kinda hated the service at the bar you went to last Friday night. But, maybe it’s a good idea to go easy on the negativity, as a constant flow of complaints on your social media status is bad news for you. Nobody wants to be with a guy who complains about everything.

Overstyling your life.

Posing next to flashy cars and mansions that don’t belong to you, and generally trying too hard to be something you are not is a behavior that’s seen as pathetic and pretentious. It’s much better to portray yourself in a more realistic light, as making such a great effort is a clear sign of insecurity.

Flashing the flesh too much.

Even if you have the body of a Greek god, your Instagram feed could use a pic where you are not semi-naked now and then. Surely, it’s not always hot where you are, right? Leave something to the imagination.


Oversharing your personal life, your drunken nights out with friends, every little detail about how you spend your days and nights gives the impression of a person who has zero personal life. There are certain things we need to keep for those closest to us, otherwise we just look like attention-cravers.

Making filthy comments.

Flirting is alright, and if you are a single guy you should by all means flirt to your heart’s content. But making dirty comments on ladies’ online photos is not the way to go about it. Just no.

We really hope you have stayed away from these bad social media mistakes,  but they are quite easy to make. Now you know how ladies feel about them, though, think twice before you make your next social media post.

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