Ways To Maintain Passion In A Long-Term Relationship

Every loving relationship will hit a road bump sooner or later when the honeymoon period simmers down. You are not out of place when you experience this. In fact, you are part of the whole population of couples experiencing highs and lows in a long-term relationship.

Ways To Sustain The Spark In Any Long-Term Relationship

The honeymoon period is the sweetest time with your lover. You are inseparable and ready to conquer all obstacles. Many couples don’t always sustain this kind of feeling. The good news is, it can be brought back:

1. Flirt with your partner.

Remember how easy it was to flirt with your partner when you were starting out? Well, he or she is still the same person so you can do it all over again. And, do it more frequently, daily if possible. There is nothing wrong with it. Flirting will just add spice to your long-term relationship. read more

Early Signs That Say New Relationship Won’t Work Out

When we get into a new relationship, we experience an all-time high. We get ecstatic about the prospects in this new partnerships. This “high” we experience every time we enter a new relationship is called the honeymoon phase. We often feel like things will be wonderful forever, but we all know that, sometimes, things don’t turn out the way we plan.

New Relationship Won’t Work If You Spot These Signs At The Beginning

Of course, nobody goes into a relationship without the thought of bringing it forward into the future. However, plenty of things can happen. We could find out that our partner never wanted something serious. Or, we might have fallen out of love with our partner after the honeymoon phase. It’s a sad truth, but not all new relationships work out. read more

Signs You Have Undeniable Chemistry With Your Online Date

When we consider people whom we want to date, we first consider their qualities, their interests, and their looks. Then when we start dating, there is one more thing that we look for – undeniable chemistry. Chemistry is a feeling we share with the other person that results from compatibility.

How Do You Identify That Undeniable Chemistry Is Present

Despite our gut feeling, there’s still a bit of hesitation most of us feel when talking about chemistry. This hesitation is most common when we meet a person online. Yes, we may have a great time chatting online, but will it be the same in real life? To help you out, you can actually look for the following signs that say the undeniable chemistry with your online date is palpable: read more

Want To Be A More Persuasive Partner? This Is How You Do It

In life, we cannot avoid arguments. We may think about them negatively, but they are like salt and pepper in every relationship, or even friendship. We all have different views and backgrounds which is why arguments are inevitable. However, if one learns to be a more persuasive partner, it might be easier to resolve arguments or even avoid them in the near future.

Become A Persuasive Partner With These Tips

Being a persuasive partner doesn’t mean that we are going to win every debate that we get into with our partner. It simply means that we allow our partner to see the situation through our eyes. Here are some tips on how you can be persuasive: read more