Flirty Questions That Can Make Her Smile

It’s sometimes a challenge to make a lady smile when you are chatting through an online dating site. In real life, you only have to crack a joke or be funny through your facial expressions. When the conversation is online, you have to be more creative to get a smile out of your date. You can try flirty questions to start.

Effective Flirty Questions That Hit Two Birds With One Stone

Everyone knows that the backbone for online relationships is communication. You have to focus on it so you can get to know the person you’re chatting to. It will also be the means of connecting with each other romantically when you make your relationship official. Try these flirty questions out: read more

How The Halo Effect Makes People Attractive

Have you ever come across someone on a reliable dating site and thought, “Wow, this person might be interesting to get to know.” You start chatting with this person, and just attribute how you felt to “having that instant spark.” Actually, what you felt was the Halo Effect.

The Halo Effect Is Synonymous To First Impressions

Experts define the Halo Effect as a cognitive bias in which our own impression of a person changes the way we think about his or her character. Most of us refer to it as first impressions or stereotypes. However, you want to call or define it, one thing’s for sure, it affects how attractive we view people. read more

How To Heal A Relationship Crisis

No matter how good your chemistry was when you first met each other on a dating website or offline, you’ll eventually experience a relationship crisis. You have to know that it is normal. Every couple goes through it. Although things may seem bad right now, the worst thing that you could do is let go. Please know that there’s still room for healing.

Don’t Let Go Easily When Experiencing A Relationship Crisis

A relationship crisis happens when you are experiencing a prolonged time of difficulty. Every day, you’ll most likely feel heavy, like you don’t want to get out of bed anymore or even see your partner. It sounds bleak, right? Review and apply the following measures to start your healing process: read more

Date Women Successfully With These Tips

Whether you admit it or not, most guys have the wrong angle when it comes to attracting women. Most believe that women have to fulfill specific gender roles. Others believe that women have to fit into this cookie-cutter idea they have in their heads. Well, these misconceptions won’t allow you to date women successfully.

To Date Women Successfully, You Need A Fresh Perspective

The first thing that you need to do is drop all of the misconceptions you have. Some may be right but consider that not every one of what you believe is correct. For example, for you to date women successfully, try the following tips that may contradict your beliefs about females: read more