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How to Avoid Mistakes When Dating a European Woman

Hopefully, you already know to generally avoid cursing and profanity when interacting with the potential love of your life, but this rule of thumb is particularly important to keep in mind when chatting online, especially in the early stages of communication and especially if you are dating a European woman.

All Of The “No-Nos” Of Dating A European Woman

We at AnastasiaDate call these slip-ups a “language foul”, an off-hand comment that can make for awkward moments between the two of you, or at the very least lead your conversation astray.

For starters, the written word is much more vulnerable to misinterpretation than in-person conversation. When we’re interacting face-to-face, there’s nuance, pitch, tone, enunciation, vocal emphasis, non-verbal cues, and any number of other aids to clear communication that are missing from e-mails and other online messages. For this reason, it’s important to be wary of tone when writing anything, especially when it’s flirty or romantic. read more

What Your First Date Should Look Like

It’s important to take time to plan your first date in advance but this advice often gets overlooked due to the rush of emotions. Part of this planning can include putting yourself in the shoes of your date and understanding their mindset. Empathy is an effective way to get off to a great start.

All Of The Stops On The Way To Your First Date

Here are the most important things to understand about first date empathy.

Making plans

It’s important to carefully consider where to meet on the first date. Sometimes, a venue is easily decided by mutual agreement. However, on occasion a woman may expect the man to play host and let him choose where to go on the date. In this way, a man may design an experience for that evening and politely guide his match through it. It’s also possible that a woman may take control of the evening, especially if the couple is dating in her hometown. Try to understand the first date dynamics at the earliest opportunity. read more

How To Create A Perfect Start Of an Online Relationship

If you’re looking to create a perfect start to your online relationship with a potential new match, then it’s important to follow some advice. Unless you’ve been dating online for a while or feel super confident then you may do well to look at a few tips. So let us help boost your conversation with a few creative conversation starters.

Your Online Relationship Should Begin Like This

Firstly, yes, it can be hard and you may fluff your first approach when trying online dating. A lot of people make mistakes when getting in touch with people via the internet. It’s OK to regret that you didn’t say the right thing at the right moment. But don’t take it too much to heart. read more

Serbian Traditions You Should Experience

It’s time you learn something new in life by deepening your knowledge of Serbian traditions. This warm and friendly country has a population of over seven million and a rich seam of cultural traditions. Get to know more about the beautiful nature and real living in this interesting region. Serbia has a number of curious traditions together with more formal occasions like Orthodox Christmas and Easter. Take time to understand more about the customs that Serbians love most.

These Serbian Traditions Will Excite You


When spring comes to Serbia it’s the signal to celebrate! That means it’s time for ‘George’s Day’ (an Orthodox patron’s saint day), which takes place every year on April 23. Djurdjevdan brings a revitalizing spirit into the lives of Serbians. Based on the story of the dragon slaying Saint George (Sveti Dorde), it’s a very sacred time involving candle lighting and eating bread (kolach). Serbians also attend parties, sing folk songs, dance, and arrange flowers. read more