9 Sweet Tips to Hit it Off with Your Match

You don’t have to be the smoothest talker when it comes to connecting with a match from Europe or another part of the world. Breaking the ice sometimes only requires staying relaxed, being yourself and finding plenty to talk about.

Read on if you sometimes wonder how to strike up a conversation with a match online. Keep the chat flowing with our 9 action-packed tips. We’ll also let you in on a few secrets of what not to say!

  1. This is all about research. Often you may get tongue-tied because you haven’t thought of a few chat topics in advance. If you’re a natural talker then you may not need any research. But if you think you might, try to make a mental note of some topics to discuss in advance. Prepare something to get you up and running again if the chat runs dry! Take a few moments to read a member’s profile before you chat – it’s great inspiration for conversation (what, they also love rollerblading and pottery? So do you!). It will also give you a flavor of their personality.
  2. Avoid misunderstandings. It’s very important to remember that many members you chat to on AnastasiaDate don’t have English as their first language. Be mindful of this and allow time for a response. Take it slowly and keep things simple. It’s even possible to use it to your advantage and learn each other’s language!
  3. Always try to get off to a positive start. Members will appreciate an upbeat hello and an energetic person. So show your positive side. Begin by giving a little compliment. But try to be subtle and original. Relate compliments to the person’s profile. Whatever it is you love about them, make sure your match knows it. But don’t get too personal just yet!
  4. Ask questions but not too many at once! Make your inquiring mind sound natural. Questions are simply the best way to get the ball rolling with your match. Ask about their life whether they live in Croatia, Czech Republic. U.S., Australia or any other country. Find out their hobbies and what they did at the weekend. Ask about their culture and family. But avoid yes/no responses. Let the answers inspire some anecdotes from you!
  5. Show there’s plenty going on in your life. AnastasiaDate members are very social so they’re sure to take an interest in you. Don’t make them feel like they are talking to just anyone. Discuss your job, hobbies and how you enjoy relaxing. Try to find something in common. Show your sense of humor but use smilies to avoid any misunderstanding. And remember – always be yourself!
  6. Listen to what your match says and respond to it! This may sound simple but it’s sometimes overlooked. Remember your chat works both ways. It’s important to learn as much about each other as possible. Your match is sure to open up and feel at ease if you actually listen to what they say.
  7. The guessing game! This is a nice way to get the chat moving. If conversation gets a bit stuck then suggest you guess things about each other such as favorite food, color or dream vacation.
  8. Play real Online Games! You can fill those silences by playing an Online Game in the Live Chat window. Have fun and see who can win! You can also send Virtual Gifts in Live Chat. Use technology to kick-start your communication.
  9. Play the field. Remember that not everyone is made for each other. Some people just don’t hit it off. AnastasiaDate is a wonderful opportunity because it offers a pool of many members across Europe and the world waiting to date. If you don’t connect with one member then it’s easy to move onto another potential partner. At some point you might find the perfect one!

Finally, here’s a quick list of things to avoid. Not that you need reminding, right?

  1. Sounding angry or aggressive. Even if you’ve had a bad day, don’t make your match think you have a short temper.
  2. Being negative. Try not to be negative about the place your match lives in (even if you think there’s good reason). Never share your criticism because the distance and culture difference will amplify your disapproval.
  3. This may be obvious but make sure you keep your comments clean when chatting with any member. So no dirty jokes, innuendo or anything suggestive.
  4. Talking about ex-spouses or partners. Let the past be the past when chatting with a potential new match!

Now you know how to enjoy the perfect conversation and lay the foundations for a closer relationship. Start searching AnastasiaDate’s European and global membership now!