You Should Change Your Mind About Dating Introverts For These Reasons

Most people don’t really see dating introverts as an option. Of course, you want to be with someone who is outgoing and easy to talk to. And introverts are sometimes the opposite of this. However, you might need to open your mind and your heart up to dating introverts because they’re not all as reserved as you may think.

Dating Introverts Has Its Advantages

You might want to get to know the quiet lady or gentleman sitting in the corner of the room. Give a chance to the online date who seems really shy when you are chatting. Do this because there are advantages to dating introverts:

1. Genuine Curiosity

Introverts are people focused on their inward thinking. This means that they are curious about things, but they don’t ask questions plain out unless they, themselves, are asked. For example, when you are on a date, it would feel really nice if you engage in a conversation with someone who is genuinely curious and interested to get to know you better. read more

The PROS and CONS Of Pre-Dating Transparency

When different people meet, they all have different motives. Some are looking for potential lifetime partners, some for a short-term date to an event (i.e. reunion, wedding), and others just want to have fun. Whatever the motive is, wouldn’t you like it if there was a pre-dating transparency?

What is Pre-Dating Transparency

The concept of pre-dating transparency is basically telling the other person where you are in life right now and what you are expecting from dating. For example, you could just be looking for a friend to confide in. Or, you may be on the lookout for a long-term relationship. Whatever it is that you want to define your relationship wants before you start dating the person. This is what pre-dating transparency is all about. read more

Why Are You Still Single? Maybe The Problem Is You Are Lithromantic

You know that you are a romantic person. A lot of your friends tell you so, but how come you’re not in a relationship yet? It’s probably because you are what’s called a “lithromantic” and you don’t even know it.

Everything You Need To Know About Being A Lithromantic

Basically, a lithromantic is someone who falls in love but only in theory. This kind of people love to be in love but don’t necessarily want to be in a relationship. It’s ironic, isn’t it? They can be head over heels crushing over somebody but, as soon as their crush reciprocates the feeling, they head for the hills.

How Can You Tell If You Are A Lithromantic?

There are a few reasons why lithromantics are this way. One could be because they feel like being too close with somebody will end in heartbreak. Two: it’s possible that they don’t want the perfect illusion of the person they’re interested in to be shattered. Now, how would you know if you are this kind of person or not? read more

You Need To Watch Out For Moments Of Micro-Attraction

We encounter so many dating tips on the internet that we sometimes get too focused on qualities in a partner that can make us feel safe and secure. Things like power, money, and influence may be important to some, but it’s the moments of micro-attraction that are the most important.

Why Micro-Attraction Is Important For Long-Term Relationships

In our world that looks up and admires only the biggest and the most, we sometimes forget that it’s the little things that matter in the long run. To understand micro-attraction better, read the following:

Small Moments With Giant Consequences

Micro-attraction can be found in small moments, like a casual mention of what you like and your partner gets it or does it for you. These little actions have big impacts on our lives – as well as on our hearts and minds. read more