Does She Want You To Make A Move? Here’s How You’ll Know

Whenever you’re on a date with a gorgeous lady, you become more aware of your actions. Why wouldn’t you, right? You would need to act appropriately and say the right things. You don’t want to make a move too early or too late. In this case, most feel like they are walking on eggshells.

The Right Time To Make A Move Is Now If You Spot These Signs

Well, we don’t necessarily have to feel like we’re tip-toeing. The best way to approach a date would be to enjoy yourself. If you let loose and just go with your gut instinct, you will feel less tense. Now, when it comes to making a move to kiss, hug, or touch your date’s hand, it’s best not to go through with it if you don’t spot these signs: read more

This Is How Confident Men See Relationships

You’ll know when you are dealing with a confident woman because they behave differently than others. In the same sense, confident men are also different. For one, these kinds of men see relationships under a very different light.

Confident Men’s Views Of Relationships Are Different

First of all, let’s establish that truly confident men are not arrogant nor are they so full of themselves that they become selfish. No, true confidence is all about being secure in one’s self. They are not narcissistic, but, on the contrary, focused on the person they are. When it comes to relationships, confident men have the following principles:

1. Take Chances

Confident men take more chances. They don’t over-analyze the situation because they are willing to take the risk. Whatever the yield is, they go for it because they know that there’s a good chance they might win big. read more

To Become Charming, You Have To Follow These Tips

For most of us, to become charming means to sweep every lovely lady one meets off of her feet. In actuality, the word charming doesn’t really mean “easy to fall in love with”. Rather, it’s synonymous with pleasant, endearing, or likable. In other words, you could be described as charming if you are a person who is easy to like.

It’s Easy To Become Charming If You Know Exactly What To Do

The goal is for someone to like you immediately. Right now, this may seem like a difficult task, but if you follow the right tips, you cant become charming to anyone you meet. Consider the following:

1. Don’t Be Selfish

It’s easy for people to like a person who puts others’ needs above their own. You don’t necessarily have to do nice things for the person. In some cases, not being selfish is as simple as allowing the person to discuss topics that he or she likes. Don’t talk about what you want all the time. read more

Don’t Be Surprised If She Makes The First Move

When we are online dating, we usually feel awkward if drop-dead gorgeous ladies make the first move. In most cases, men feel like it is unbelievable for such good looking ladies to say hello first. But, in this day and age, is it really something new?

It’s Actually Common For Women To Make The First Move

A certain research studied the data passed by 100 couples who met through online dating. These couples have been dating for at least a year. It was found that in one of every three heterosexual couples, the female actually initiated the conversation. These women also initiated three times more conversations than the average female user.

Surprisingly, it was also found that these women spent less time on dating websites and apps than men. This means that they did not spend a lot of time composing intricate messages. They simply said hello. read more