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White Lies You Need To Say To Keep Your Relationship Healthy

We often hear the saying “Honesty is the best policy.” But, before you spill your gut out to your partner, there may be some things that are best kept to yourself. You may have to say white lies to cover these things up or you may just have to keep quiet about them, never bringing them up in conversations.

The Only White Lies You’re Allowed To Tell

There are specific instances during your relationship that need white lies, believe it or not. These instances are not really lying for the sake of not telling the truth. The white lies are to protect your partner from getting hurt. The things listed below are supposed to save your partner some grief and also keep your relationship healthy: read more

Ridiculous Dating Tips That Are Actually Very Effective

For those of us who have been in the dating scene for quite some time, we may feel like we’ve read all of the ridiculous dating tips that we can take. Well, here are a few more for your list, but don’t take these ridiculous dating tips lightly because you’d be surprised at how effective they actually are.

Who Would Have Thought That These Ridiculous Dating Tips Work?

Sometimes, we are let down with the dating tips we read online. Some of them are alright, but those that say, “Be yourself” are just downright repetitive. The dating tips on this list, however, are totally unexpected:

1. Adrenaline Rush Date

One of the best ways to connect quickly with your date is to go on a date that will get your heart beats raising. This doesn’t mean that you have to go skydiving or anything to that effect, but the usual trip to the amusement park might leave you wanting to see more of each other. read more

What Single People Desire The Most In A Relationship

The times have changed. We can all probably agree that dating isn’t what it used to be. In the past, what our parents or grandparents found to be ideal characteristics in a partner doesn’t matter so much in today’s dating scene. How did the preferences of single people of today change?

A Study On Single People And Their Wants In Long-Term Partners

A new survey conducted by one dating app focused on 2000 singletons and their desire in a relationship. They were asked about what was most significant for them. The highest ranked answer was to have a “meaningful conversation.”

It was discovered among these diverse participants that most of them prefer someone who is able to carry a good conversation over something as superficial as physical appearance. read more

The PROS and CONS Of Pre-Dating Transparency

When different people meet, they all have different motives. Some are looking for potential lifetime partners, some for a short-term date to an event (i.e. reunion, wedding), and others just want to have fun. Whatever the motive is, wouldn’t you like it if there was a pre-dating transparency?

What is Pre-Dating Transparency

The concept of pre-dating transparency is basically telling the other person where you are in life right now and what you are expecting from dating. For example, you could just be looking for a friend to confide in. Or, you may be on the lookout for a long-term relationship. Whatever it is that you want to define your relationship wants before you start dating the person. This is what pre-dating transparency is all about. read more