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How You’ll Know It’s Time To Say I Love You

There have probably never been three words more used and abused than the words I love you. People all over the world say these three tiny words to each other, some hoping that they will hear it back, and others just because they are bursting with emotion and simply want to express themselves. How do you know when the time is right, though?

This Is When You Should Say I Love You To Your Partner

Are you unsure about expressing your love to your partner, worrying it may be too early or too late? These are the signs that will tell you when the time is right to share the love.

When you are sure about your feelings.

Even if you are not sure she feels the same way, if you are convinced it’s not just a crush or infatuation that you are feeling but a deep kind of affection, care, and the desire to spend your time with her, you can be honest and share your thoughts and emotions with your girl.

When you know you can really prove your words with actions.

Can you back your claim with actions? Will you be there for her when things get tough? Do you feel like you don’t just admire her looks or positive traits, but also like her darker moments, her flaws, her weaknesses, and insecurities? When we genuinely love someone, we love all of him/ her, not just the good parts. And we know for a fact that we can prove our words with real actions when the time comes (because the time will come, as it always does).

When you feel comfortable enough around her to express yourself.

Real love should be easy; it should come naturally and not be forced. The people we love will make us feel at ease and never push us into saying things. If you feel that it won’t scare her away or put her under pressure, you should open up to her and let her know about your feelings towards her.

….And When NOT To Say I Love You

You shouldn’t say I love you just because you want to hear it back. And you shouldn’t say it because she said it first and put you on the spot, either. You should never say I love you to get what you want, as a way of emotional manipulation or just because you feel like this is what she wants to hear.

Three simple words can hold such a strong meaning, they are almost sacred. Save your I love yous for the people who deserve them and cherish those who tell you I love you and prove it with the way they treat you. These three words can make someone very happy, so make sure they really mean something when you say them.

How To Turn Your Fling Into A Relationship

When it comes to romance, few things can really be predicted. So, a relationship that started off as something of a Netflix and Chill thing, or a Situationship, can sometimes have the potential to be something more. What do you do when you realize it does, though? Is it possible to turn your fling into a relationship?

When Should You Attempt To Turn Your Fling Into A Relationship?

To begin with, there are two things to consider before you attempt the transition from fling to a full-blown relationship. Number one: is it something you really want? And number two: is it something she really wants? Unless you are both in a Hell-Yeah state of mind, don’t bother. One – or both – of you will get end up getting hurt.

Don’t Rush Into Things

Wanting to give things a go is the first important step, but you should in no way try to force things to move on quickly. Take things slow, and make your dates a bit more personal and diversified (instead of just hooking up for a steamy night at home). Keep in mind that acting impatiently and pushing things to move too fast might scare her away if she’s not in the exact same stage as you.

Get To Know Her

In the process, make a real effort to get to know her and to show her who you really are. In casual relationships we tend to reveal very little of ourselves, so see the dating process as an opportunity to learn more about the things that excite her and the things she can’t stand. This will give you the chance to gauge how compatible you are and whether the things that you share (interests, passions, and views on life) make moving on worth your while.

Open Up About Your Feelings

Once you know that she can handle your truth, make your feelings known. Explain that you would like to take your relationship to a more serious level and make an effort to date exclusively, not just casually.

Keep The Flame Alive

Going from a fling that’s based on passion and sexual tension into a more serious, long-term relationship may sometimes feel like an anti-climax. Canadian relationship expert, writer and blogger Mandy Len Catron recently said on NPR’s advice segment “The Call-In” :  “The idea is that when you do something really stimulating—that leaves you excited, sweaty palms, heart racing—or even just something novel and interesting, you tend to attribute those really intense feelings that you’re having to who you’re with—not to what you’re doing.” Which basically means that couples need to always make sure they are sharing exciting experiences together if they want to continue being passionate about one another.

To Cut A Long Story Short

There is no guarantee that a relationship that starts one way can end up another, but sometimes it is worth making an effort to turn a fling into a relationship if it’s what you really want. You never know – something that started off as a most casual thing can develop into a lifelong, deep and meaningful relationship.

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AnastasiaDate: Why The Hell Yeah Approach Is The Only Approach In Love

Let’s start with a little group confession, just to get it out there: everyone hates loneliness. Now that we’ve established this, we can discuss the issue at hand. How far would you be willing to go to find a partner? How wise is it to spend your time and energy pursuing someone who’s probably not that into you? AnastasiaDate discusses.

AnastasiaDate On Lukewarm Hearts and Half-Baked Attempts

When it comes to finding that special someone, sometimes it’s a matter of seconds, aka love at first sight, and others it’s more of an acquired taste, like friendships turned to romantic relationships. In both cases, though, there is one thing that should be there: the willingness of both parties to say “Hell Yes! I really want to get to know this person; I want to make this work”. Not just you. Not just her.

You should both be enthusiastic about the prospect of spending time together. Why? Because people who are self-respecting, attractive, and non-needy don’t give the time of day to people who are not excited to be with them, or who don’t spark their interest.

The Hell-Yeah Approach’s Benefits For Your Dating Life

Does this approach sound too idealistic or dogmatic? If you think about it, it holds many tangible benefits regarding your dating life.

To begin with, you will no longer be strung along by people who aren’t genuinely interested in you. This will mean your immense disappointment and the tons of anger that follow rejection will go away. This time, you call the shots by not allowing people who have the capacity to hurt you into your life.

Second, you will no longer pursue people you are not really feeling it for just to boost your ego. Most people have gone along with someone they were so-so about just because there was no one else available. Where did that lead you? A relationship that was more boring than an Oscar-acceptance speech.

Once you make the decision to immediately go away unless you’re in the “Hell Yeah” mode, some seemingly hard decisions will be made easy. If you feel like someone’s playing hard to get, acting like a player or pushing you to do something you’re not sure you want to, just ask yourself how you feel about it.

Another serious benefit of the Hell Yeah approach is that it will help you establish your own personal boundaries and stick to them. Maintaining strong boundaries will not only make you more self-respecting and attractive, but it will also help you keep your cool and stay sane in the long run.

Last but not least, choosing to not waste time with people who are either not into you or that you are not that into will give you more time for those who really matter to you. Focus your efforts and channel your energy into people who feel right, who make things seem easy and who want to make you say Hell Yeah, I want to spend my time with you.

In A Nutshell

To cut a long story short, at AnastasiaDate we don’t believe in perfect situations and ideal conditions, but we believe in people’s real feelings and free will. So, if you feel that you genuinely want her and that you are both willing to give things a serious try, go for it with all that you’ve got. But it’s much better to waste no more time and move on to something worth your (and her) while if one (or both) of you is unsure. Simple as that.