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You Have All The Power To Attract New Love That Will Be Forever, And Here’s How

In all of us there is a desire to meet a person who is our equal, our soulmate, and our one true love. We search for this person in every relationship we have. Every time a new love comes along, we entertain the possibility of the person being “the one”.

Finding New Love By Focusing On Purposefulness

Despite this fact, the cold, hard truth remains – not every new love ends up being our true love. And, this fact weighs heavily on most of us. The unexpected outcome becomes baggage that affects our lives in a negative way. It also could be baggage that we bring into the next relationship we have, and this is no way to live our lives.

We have all been there and we know how painful it is to lose someone you truly cared about, but life should go on. If this sounds like you, don’t worry because you still have the chance to rebuild your life through “intention”.

Intending For Your Life To Be This Way

If you’ve encountered the Law of Attraction, you will be familiar with the power of intention. In the dictionary, “intention” is synonymous to forethought. It could mean “aim” or “plan”. Experts will say that if you intend your life to be miserable, then you’ll be miserable. But, if you intend your life to be more than it was yesterday, well, you get the idea.

Start With Your Insides

Books on purposeful living will tell you that it is not about physically doing something to improve your life. Intention starts from within. Here are steps you can take on the path to intending your life to be better:

  1. Deal with your past. You’ll need to have some sort of closure from whatever past relationship or experience you’re still carrying.
  2. Focus on the now. Because your aim is to change your perspective, all you have to focus on is today. Don’t worry about the past because you’ve dealt with it, and don’t worry about the future because it is going to make itself when you focus on the now.
  3. Believe in the change. Lastly, if you believe that things will change for the better – you’ll find a new love, you’ll land a better job, you’ll be a better version of yourself – they eventually will as long as you maintain your focus.

Believe us when we say that this journey can take time – a lot of it. But, again, don’t worry about the future and start focusing on the now to begin living your life with purpose. Remember that it all starts with your intention.

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Dating Advice: Be With Someone Who Drives You Nuts

Common sense will tell most of us that dating a person who is exactly the same as us, whether it be in attitude, behavior, personality and life goals, is the best way to go about finding a partner in life. This is not a problem, per se, but we need to ask ourselves if dating our exact twin will really make us happy and allow us to grow as a person. What’s the best dating advice on this?

Dating Advice on Being with Someone Who is our Doppelganger

Let’s step back and see the situation from a bird’s eye view. Most likely, from this perspective, you’re going to see your relationship with your exact duplicate as easy and care-free. That could be true, but here are reasons why you should be dating someone who challenges you or, in other words, drives you completely nuts:

Compatibility is not just about liking the same things.

Talking about compatibility, to truly define the word, you should go beyond thinking about liking the same things. When you’re truly compatible with a person, you could like the same things, and you could disagree on some subjects, but still emerge as being contented in the relationship. Read our dating advice on compatibility here.

Easy doesn’t challenge you.

Think about the times that genuinely made an impact in your life, the times that will make you say that you’ve grown from the experience. Were they easy? Did you go through them without breaking a sweat? Probably not, and it is the same thing in love. You want to be with someone who challenges you to become a better version of yourself.

Your weaknesses are not rounded up.

Dating a person who is exactly the same as you means that you’ll be with someone who also has the same weaknesses. Well, just from the statement “the same weaknesses”, you wouldn’t really expect the relationship to last because both of your flaws are enhanced and not rounded up. When you’re with a person who steps in when you come short, you have got yourself a keeper.

The bottom line of all of these dating advice is for you to rethink who you really want to date or who you really want to be with. Re-evaluate your preferences and ask yourself what type of person will truly create genuine happiness in your life. For more dating advice, check out our blog here.

Can Being Friends With Benefits Really Work?

For those wishing to reap all the benefits of getting it on with a regular partner they fancy without having to deal with any of the “obligations” a regular romantic relationship involves or feeling any *gasp* feelings, the friends with benefits set-up sounds like the ideal situation to be in. However, a new survey found that such a no-strings-attached set-up only exists on paper.

The Truth About Being Friends With Benefits

The survey, conducted on a sample of 1,000 European and American men and women by online medical source DrEd, has brought to light a wealth of information regarding a situation that is less ideal than it sounds.

Turning the idea that women become emotionally attached much more than men, the website that polled people about being in friends with benefits situations found that over half (52%) of men actually become emotionally attached in a friends with benefits type of relationship, compared to just 44% of women.

It also came to the conclusion that a friends with benefits set-up is far more common than people realize. Almost 60% percent of the participants said they’ve been involved in a friends with benefits situation before, with 17% of male Americans admitting to being in one at the moment.

What might cause some surprise is that Europeans seem to have a different approach to how convenient a friends with benefits set-up is, with 66% of them actually claiming they are not more convenient than regular relationships, and 58% of Americans saying that they are.

Is It Just About Sex?

Even more surprisingly, it seems quite clear that the arrangement isn’t just about sex. With a mere 15% of men, and an even smaller 6% of women claiming their friends with benefits set-up is strictly sexual, many men and women reported that they cuddle, talk about their friends, family and work, and text with their FWB in addition to discussing sexual preferences and experimenting in the bedroom. 40% of them also do dinner from time to time and a quarter of the men and 39% of women questioned also said they go out on dates with their FWB. Do these things remind you of a regular, romantic relationship?

As it turns out, with half (51% of women and 48% of men) of those involved in friends with benefits situations feeling ready to date their FWB, it can hardly be claimed that a relationship of this kind is as clear and conveniently un-emotional as some might think it is. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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