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This Reconnection Technique Can Greatly Help Busy Couples

As any relationship or marriage passes, we get busy and the passions and affections fade out. They don’t totally disappear but the spark has been dimmed to a tiny flickering flame. Some call this falling out of love. To keep the commitment going, we need to check ourselves and apply a reconnection technique that we can easily master.

The Easiest Reconnection Technique For Any Kind Of Couple

The way we connect with our partner can vary from one couple to another. Relationships between couples are very different because of personalities, preferences, and past experiences. There is no one fool-proof method.

But, the best thing to do is to go back to the feeling that started everything. How did you fall in love in the first place? Why did you decide to commit to this person? After you have that emotion in mind, try to memorize these steps:

1. Retrace

Looking back at the time when you fell in love and started the relationship will help you focus on the positive aspects of what you have. It may be that you just drove out of the path because of children, career, or health problems. Or your interests have changed.

Focusing on the good times will help you remember why you got into this commitment. Looking back will help you shift your focus from the problems of the present to the high points in your relationship in the past. It usually helps the couple fall in love “all over again”.

2. Give And Receive Love

To make this reconnection technique work, the couple should find a common time to sit down. This is a great chance for the couple to give and receive love.

This is how it is done: sit in front of each other. And then let the other person know what you love about them. Take turns. If you’re the first to give love (telling your partner why you love him or her), your partner should be sitting still and actively listening. Then, when it is your turn, your partner can do the same – telling you why he or she loves you.

3. Get the Reconnection Technique to Work

As with any relationship, it’s a two-way street. It would be hard to nearly impossible to make things work if it’s only the other party who is willing to put in the effort.

There’s still hope for your relationship despite the fading flame. For other posts about improving relationships, read more on our blog.