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You Don’t Need To Tell Her These Personal Secrets

In a relationship, it is like winning the grand prize if you find a best friend, a confidante, and a lover all in one. Most of you probably know what we are talking about. We feel like we can share our personal secrets with him or her, but are there some details that we should spare?

Personal Secrets That You Should Be Keeping To Yourself

There are certain things that are best not to share with your lover, especially if you are on the dating level and still trying to get to know each other better. So here they are – personal secrets that you have to keep to yourself:

Trivial Family Drama

All our families have histories and dramas. We all have hang ups that are best kept in the dark. Revealing them early on in your dating period will just dampen the mood of getting to know each other. If you bring up family issues, especially small ones that can easily be dealt with, it will most likely push the other person away.

Bad Relationship Stories

Clearly, whether you are still dating or are already married, it is not a wise idea to talk about your past relationships and your bad experiences when you were in them. It just leaves a bad taste in your partner’s mouth.

Your Dislike of His or Her Family

So, you have finally met the family, but you cannot stand some members. Unless they did something so horrible, it’s best to just play along or bear it for a while until you see where the relationship is going. Never express your dislike. Your partner might feel protective of hers or his loved ones.

We have personal secrets for a reason. We might feel the urge to pour it all out on the person we love because it’s a natural reaction. However, if we put too much importance on sharing everything, it may cause a bit of friction we don’t want. For other posts about improving relationships, read other posts on the blog.