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The Lies You Believe That Keep You From Finding Real Love

When it comes to our love lives, we have this certain belief that everything should be perfect, or that everything should be a fairy-tale. Our ideal relationship couldn’t be farther than the truth. Eventually, we find this out in a hard way. We realize that there are certain beliefs we hold that keep us from finding real love.

Finding Real Love Is Challenging For You Because Of What You Believe In

There are things that are true to us, but they may not necessarily be facts. According to experts, these beliefs that we hold close to us are the main culprits that are causing us to be single. Finding true love becomes challenging if we put the following beliefs first: read more

Still looking for The One? Here’s what you are doing wrong

We all have a type when it comes to dating or meeting people. Whether you admit it or not, we, either consciously or subconsciously, look for traits that we have put on our list. As we go on this journey, we often say that we are looking for the one.

Is Looking For The One A Fruitless Endeavor?

There’s absolutely no problem with the wanting to find someone to love. We all have that basic human need. What’s not working for us, however, is the mindset that we adopt when we look for someone to care for. Experts call it the “destiny mindset”. So, why is it detrimental?

1. It Makes Us Focus On One’s Faults

When you have this long list of traits that are more positive, you will tend to look for traits in your date that’s not on your list. The traits your date lacks are much easier to spot, don’t you agree? For example, you already have this “type” in your mind who likes to sing. If your date doesn’t have a passion for it, then immediately, he or she is not the right person. read more

Quick Profile Tips You Should Be Considering

As you are making your online dating profile, have you ever thought about how your words will impact those who might be interested to meet you? In most cases, we do not give it a second thought, and just put whatever we feel is okay on there. What we don’t realize is that a well-thought-of profile can be very attractive to the opposite gender. Maybe you can make changes based off of quick profile tips that are easy to implement.

Improve Your Dating Life With These Quick Profile Tips

The first thing that you have to do is double check your current dating profile. Be honest! If you haven’t had the chance to update it yet, then this is the perfect time to do so. See if you can make the following improvements: read more

Get The Dating Life You’ve Always Wanted By Following These Rules

We all want a perfect dating life, but we all know it’s impossible. Maybe we shouldn’t aim for “perfect” when we are meeting new people. We should just go for fulfilling. So, how does one have a fulfilling dating life in this modern time?

To Improve Your Dating Life, Make Yourself A Priority

When we are actively seeking a potential partner, we have to be secure in ourselves. Most of the time, people don’t really think of their own security because it’s simply going to come when love is already in place. Actually, no. You won’t survive the dating world if you do not know how to put yourself first. Here’s how you do it: read more