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Realest Dating Advice You Will Ever Read

Even when you’ve been dating for years, there will still be a couple of things about it that you don’t understand or realize. And a lack of knowledge and understanding might be the main factor that’s hindering us from finding real love. What we need is the realest dating advice that will help us realize a few facts about dating.

Realest Dating Advice That Serves As Our Wake Up Call

With all the dating advice we encounter every day, we need the ones that are the most real and honest so we can date successfully. We need to remember the following by heart:

Letting Go Is Painful But Necessary

Most of the time, we hold on to relationships that we know are no longer working. If we have the desire to ask our partner if they are on their way out, it’s likely that they are. At this point, despite the pain, you need to start moving on if things aren’t working. read more

Why Your Dating Life’s Success Depends On Your Social Life

We are all busy doing our own thing. Commonly, most of us are busy with work, family, or running respective businesses, and that’s fine. However, in most cases, our busy lives are getting in the way of our social life. That may not mean much because our social life can wait. But, we may be overlooking the impact that the lack of having a social life has on our dating success.

Want To Meet Someone New? Start Fixing Your Social Life

A social life is when we spend a fraction of our time doing enjoyable things with other people. This part of our lives takes a back seat because many of us think that it’s not as important as taking care of the family or earning a living. But, it actually is, especially if you’re single. Here are the main reasons why: read more

Do You Have The Savior Complex?

Ideally, we all want to be in a relationship that’s supportive – one partner supports the other and vice versa. However, not all couples have this goal. There’s a type of relationship where one person makes it his or her mission to make the other person better. This person has, what’s called, the savior complex.

Signs that Say You Have The Savior Complex

The mission may not sound as bad because we do want our partner to be better. We are in a relationship to grow together and become our best versions of ourselves – isn’t that one of the major points of being together? Yes, but there’s more to it. read more

If You Spot These Bad Date Signs, Run For The Hills

It’s exciting when you finally come across someone who has potential when you are dating online. Someone who sparks your interest and someone whose interest is just as sparked for you. The first date may just be around the corner. Now, all you have to do is wait and see if it’s one for the books or just a really bad date.

Prevent A Bad Date From Happening With These Signs

It all sounds really exciting, but you have to take a good look at the situation or at what’s happening before you ask or confirm for a first date. There may be red flags that you’re missing to see. These red flags could mean that the potential first date might be a bad date in the making: read more