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Dating Rules We All Need To Break This Year

It’s 2021. Some of us really need to update the dating rules they know and follow. It’s true that there are rules that will remain classic, but others have really changed. If you can’t get with the times, this might be why you don’t have much luck in your dating pursuits lately.

Update Your Knowledge By Dropping These Outdated Dating Rules

For you to level up your game, you have to stay updated. Start with your dating rules. Below, we’ve listed down some rules that you should definitely drop ASAP:

1. No Kissing On The First Date

Whoever made this dating rule? When you spend an evening with someone wonderful, it’s only natural for you to want to act on the electricity you feel. The person you’re with might just feel the same too. Give into it. read more

Examples For Making Your Dating Account More Exciting In 2021

How many times have you heard this online dating new year resolution: “Make your dating account more exciting”? Probably plenty now that the old year is about to wrap up. The thing with this tip is that it’s not very specific. How do you make your dating profile more exciting?

The Best Way To Spice Up Your Dating Account In 2021

We’ve come up with a couple of examples for you to include in your dating profile. In case you’re wondering, yes, you have to edit every detail. If you’re already happy with some sections of your dating bio, then that’s alright. All you need are some enhancements. Whatever your case is, here are examples you can try to make yourself more interesting: read more

Online Dating Resolutions You Need To Make In 2021

Have you made your dating resolutions already? It’s not the end of the year yet, but you might as well get an early start. Here’s your chance to take a look at your dating accomplishments (or the lack thereof) and see exactly what you can improve.

2021 Online Dating Resolutions To Start The Year Right

Let’s look back at your online dating timeline this 2020. Be honest, do you think that you dated well this year? If your love life is flourishing, the answer may be yes. Even if you’re not with anyone, you could still say yes to this question when exciting things are happening. Otherwise, you need to consider the dating resolutions below: read more

Good Night Lines You Can Send To Your Online Date

One of the fun things in having somebody that you are interested in or care about is being able to send them good night lines. Nothing makes the heart warmer and full than receiving a nice good night text after a spectacular date. Or, in the case of long-distance relationships, you could send a good night line when you miss the person so much.

Romantic Good Night Lines You Can Send Tonight

If you usually don’t contact the person you are dating before the night ends, maybe it’s nice to start the habit of doing so. Here are some examples of good night lines to get you started and help you express how you feel to your online sweetheart: read more