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A Guide On How To Become A Smooth Talker

While you are dating, you have to remember to sharpen your communication skills. It’s going to be one of the most useful skills you’ll learn. If you already good at talking to people, then you may consider yourself to be a smooth talker.

What You Need To Become A Smooth Talker

What’s great about being able to talk to people easily is that you get to make a connection faster. There are also less awkward moments because there’s no dead air in between topics. So how exactly do you go from being a regular person with regular communication skills to being a smooth talker?

Turn On Your Curiosity

What do you want to know about the person you’re talking to? Do you want to know about his or her family? Then, go ahead and ask. Make sure that your questions are reasonable, though. You don’t want to ask something that’s too personal or probing. read more

What You Must Do For An Optimized Dating Profile

Did you know that you can do a few simple tweaks to get an optimized dating profile? In case you did not know, when you optimize your dating profile, you’re making it more visible, allowing potential matches to easily find your profile.

An Optimized Dating Profile Requires Five Basic Elements

Think about the dating profile you have now. Do you think it’s optimized? If you haven’t gotten any messages or any visits since you first started with online dating, then it’s possible that the answer is a big NO. Profiles that have not been optimized do not show up when a member does a quick search.

Think about it, if your profile is empty, why would an online dating site or app allow it to show up in its search results? So, now, the question is, how do you get an optimized dating profile? read more

Positive Decisions You Need Before Dating This Summer

It’s almost summer time and it can only mean one thing when it comes to dating – a lot of singles will want to have summer flings. If you’re single, you may want the same thing. However, before you start dating this summer, you must, first, tell yourself specific positive decisions.

Positive Decisions That Will Help You Succeed At Summer Dating

What do positive decisions have to do with dating? A lot, actually. As you are meeting new people on the internet or in real life, it’s inevitable for some of them to reject you. Rejection is part of the process. However strong your want for a summer fling is, you should never settle. So, what positive affirmations do is remind you of your worth: read more

Different Ways To Keep A Relationship Working

Relationships need a good amount of effort to work. When you first started dating the person you’re with right now, putting effort into your relationship was easy, and it felt natural. You didn’t have to think about it or force it to happen. However, as time passes, the natural feeling of prioritizing your partner or your relationship becomes more of a challenge. How can one keep a relationship working after years of being together?

Be Mindful If You Want To Keep A Relationship Working

As always, the key to keep a relationship working is mindfulness or awareness. You have to be aware of your partner’s needs, and your partner has to be aware of yours. Aside from allowing your awareness to take over, you also have to do the following: read more