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How Your Education Affects Your Dating App Chances

When you’re on a dating app, most of the time, you would have to put in your educational achievement. It might be tempting to just leave this detail out because it’s something that may not be important. Well, think again because a recent study has proven that your educational level can actually improve your dating app chances.

The Higher Your Educational Level, The Better Your Dating App Chances

The study, published in the Psychological Sciences Journals, claim women are more likely than men to seek a certain level of educational level in a potential partner.

This study gathered data from 42,000 people from ages 18 to 80. It discovered that women from the age of 18 to 30 are more likely to have a preference in educational levels. With men of the same age group, not so much. But, interestingly, as both genders reach the age of 40, women become less picky, while the men become pickier. read more

Are You Being Too Picky While Dating?

When finding the right person to be with, it’s impossible for us not to have preferences. Some of us may prefer women with long black hair, some prefer blondes. There are those of us who love dating Eastern European women, but others don’t really have this preference. Is it possible though that we are becoming too picky while dating?

When You’re Too Picky While Dating, You’ll Have A Hard Time Finding True Love

In an age where we are granted so many options, it’s impossible for us not to be picky. We have online dating and app dating now which affords us plenty of options. If you say that you want to meet a Spanish person, with dark hair, blue eyes, who works as a doctor, lives a comfortable life, and has only had three serious relationships so far, you might find one. But, does this mean being too picky while dating? read more

If You Have These Seven Essential Skills, You Will Succeed In Love And Life

There are two main ways for us to determine our success in this life – one, we take a look at our success in love, and, two, we examine the quality of the life we’re living now. Many of us haven’t reached this point yet because we think that in order to succeed in love and life we need to pay our dues first.

Equip Yourself With These Skills To Succeed In Love And Live The Best Life

Often times, we do need to work hard to achieve success. However, most of us struggle because we look at the whole process as a struggle for excellence. We think that in order for us to be successful in love and life, we need to be perfect in every aspect of our life. We learn so many useless skills when all we really need to be doing is focus on the big seven: read more

New Age Dating Terms You Need To Master

If there is anything that is trending in the dating game nowadays, it is how millennials have coined a term for every stage and aspect of going out. There are so many new age dating terms now that it can be hard to catch up.

New Age Dating Terms You Have Never Known Before

In order not to miss out, here are some updated new age dating terms for you. You may or may not apply them, but well, it pays to be informed:


The term Draking is inspired by the Canadian rapper. It refers to people who are wallowing in their sorrows because of their love interest who did not return the feelings or just basically dumped them. Meanwhile, the people who do that are called ‘Drakers’.


Sometimes, it’s hard to accept that you are still single while your friends have changed boyfriends and girlfriends several times already. And, it’s worse if your friends are already making fun of you. If you get tired of being the butt of jokes during every meeting, you resort to fauxbaeing. It is inventing an imaginary girlfriend or a boyfriend on social media, making people believe that you are not zero in love. read more