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What Single People Desire The Most In A Relationship

The times have changed. We can all probably agree that dating isn’t what it used to be. In the past, what our parents or grandparents found to be ideal characteristics in a partner doesn’t matter so much in today’s dating scene. How did the preferences of single people of today change?

A Study On Single People And Their Wants In Long-Term Partners

A new survey conducted by one dating app focused on 2000 singletons and their desire in a relationship. They were asked about what was most significant for them. The highest ranked answer was to have a “meaningful conversation.”

It was discovered among these diverse participants that most of them prefer someone who is able to carry a good conversation over something as superficial as physical appearance.

It was also discovered that 58%, more than half of the respondents, didn’t like bad grammar. And, the most surprising thing is, 87% of the single people interviewed found another person more attractive after an engaging online chat.

Good Conversations In The Digital Age

We live in the digital age where a lot of the things we do is mostly online, like banking, shopping, or even dating. When we fill out our profiles, we try to look good so that somebody will notice us and, eventually, ask us to go on a first date.

But, while a nice looking profile picture will get us noticed, it is still good communication that will take us through to the long haul, and, probably, lead us to a long-term relationship.

Popular Topics

Now that it has been established that knowing how to converse well is a plus, you might ask the question about topics. What do single people converse about?

It was revealed that political views were just as important. Some of the respondents said that they wouldn’t even think of dating somebody with opposing political views. These single people also revealed that they get bored talking about diets and millennials. Whatever you want to talk about, make sure that you are sharing and not pushing your beliefs down your date’s throat.

These kinds of studies are helpful because they can give you an edge in terms of meeting people online. Try to focus on improving your conversational skills if you want to get more dates. For other posts on dating and relationships, read the rest of our blog.