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White Lies You Need To Say To Keep Your Relationship Healthy

We often hear the saying “Honesty is the best policy.” But, before you spill your gut out to your partner, there may be some things that are best kept to yourself. You may have to say white lies to cover these things up or you may just have to keep quiet about them, never bringing them up in conversations.

The Only White Lies You’re Allowed To Tell

There are specific instances during your relationship that need white lies, believe it or not. These instances are not really lying for the sake of not telling the truth. The white lies are to protect your partner from getting hurt. The things listed below are supposed to save your partner some grief and also keep your relationship healthy:

1. Things That Make Your Partner Feel Insecure

All of us have insecurities. These can be big or small, depending on a person’s background or personality. Try not to fuel your partner’s insecurities by not bringing up the things that make him or her feel like less of a person.

2. When You Don’t Like Their Loved Ones

Your partner’s loved ones could be family or friends that have been a big part of his or her life. Sometimes, however, you find that some of them have personalities that are not agreeable to you. Try to keep a civil relationship with them and try not to tell your partner about it.

It will not benefit the relationship if you are the cause of the estrangement between your partner and his or her friends or family members.

3. When You Don’t Like What Matters To Them

It can be a hobby, job or person – things that are really close to your partner’s heart. In the course of your relationship, you must have known the value of the things your partner holds dear. However, what’s important to your partner may not be important to you at all. And, that’s alright. Just make sure that you don’t express your dislike, or at least don’t be untactful about it.

4. Their “Rating” Compared To Previous Partners

Obviously, comparing your current partner to your ex would hurt. Of course, we cannot help it, if we are either in a better or worse predicament. But, whatever the “rating” is, try to keep it to yourself. If you are truly in a better relationship right now, then by all means just tell your partner how happy you are. But, if things aren’t going well currently, keep it to yourself.

White lies aren’t all bad, after all. Being honest is important, but sometimes a small fib can actually maintain our relationship’s good health. For more advice on relationships, read our blog.