AnastasiaDate Legit Ways To Celebrate Christmas In Eastern Europe

Where do you plan to spend your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year? Have you ever thought about Eastern Europe? It’s not a popular destination to spend Christmas in, and many may not want to leave their homes right before the 25th hits, but Eastern Europe is so beautiful during Christmas that you may want to reconsider. Also, we have AnastasiaDate legit suggestions on how you can have the best Christmas in Eastern Europe.

AnastasiaDate Legit Suggestions For The Perfect Eastern European Christmas

Because Eastern Europe is so vast, we will break down these AnastasiaDate legitimate suggestions according to location. Read each one carefully to help you decide how you want to spend your Christmas in Eastern Europe. read more

Why Montenegro Coastline Should Be On Your Travel List

When you think of Montenegro, what comes first to your mind? Do you think of rugged mountains, historical small towns, and breath-taking beaches? Yes, Montenegro is known for those, but let’s not forget that it’s also known for its stunning coastline. The wealthy have taken notice, and, recently, Montenegro has been drawing in a bunch of Europe’s big shots. Yachts on the blue waters are recently difficult to ignore.  But, one can always avoid the upscale scene to see the raw beauty of Montenegro through its coastline.

Seaside Spots Where You Can See Montenegro Coastline

So where do you go to appreciate how beautiful Montenegro is without breaking your wallet or your bank? We’ve listed special places you can visit: read more

Meet Two Victoria’s Secret Angels From Eastern Europe

Everyone has anticipated this year’s Victoria’s Secret Angels walking down the runway in Paris. Yes, that’s right. This year’s fashion show was filmed in the City of Love. It aired on December 5, 2016. and from this behind the scenes backstage video, it seems like the show is bigger and better than ever.

Get To Know These Eastern European Victoria’s Secret Angels

Before you watch the videos of the actual show, let’s meet two Eastern European Angels who will be showing up on our TV or phone screens, donning nothing but wings and sexy lingerie.

Kate Grigorieva

A photo posted by Kate Grigorieva (@_kate_g_) on read more

Eastern European Athletes Who Can Be Mistaken For Models

Did you know that Eastern European women are considered to be the most beautiful women in the world? A lot of travellers always mention that they spot gorgeous women everywhere when they visit Eastern Europe, and it’s true. Even Eastern European athletes look like models.

Gorgeous & Model-esque Eastern European Athletes

Check this list out of Eastern European Athletes who can be mistaken for models because of how stunning they look. Let’s see who we have:

Anna Sidorova

A photo posted by Anna Sidorova (@curlme_anna) on

This Russian athlete looks like she could model for Victoria Secret. But, Anna Sidorova is actually a curler from Russia. Curling is a game where players slide stones on ice for them to land on a specific target. In the 2015 and 2016 world women’s curling championships she won bronze medals. She hopes to win the silver or gold in the years to come. read more