This Polish Restaurant is Over Three Times As Old As America

It boggles the mind to look at the dirtiest of American cities like New York and calculate the relatively short period of time the baby country of the US has had to accumulate such formidable filth. Conversely, traveling through Europe offers a glimpse into eras long gone by, with so many structures still standing that have survived more centuries than America has even existed.

Oldest Gold Treasure Found in Bulgarian Burial Site

Archaeology is a very hopeful science. They study and dig, sometimes finding nothing at all, and then all of a sudden history-making finds can be unearthed quite by accident in an unplanned location. Such was the case in Bulgaria in 1972, when an excavator operator digging a trench for an electric cable in the western industrial part of the city of Varna discovered several gold objects, and what appeared to be pieces of ceramics, in the soil discarded by the machine.