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The Most Breathtaking Ukrainian Instagram Beauties

It’s hardly the world’s best kept secret: Ukrainian women are real stunners. What’s even more impressive about these Ukrainian Instagram beauties, though, is that they have worked really hard to have the kind of super-toned, chiseled bodies they proudly show the world through their accounts.

You’ll Break A Sweat Just Looking At These Super-fit Ukrainian Instagram Beauties

They may look effortlessly gorgeous and fit, but make no mistake- these ladies are strong and determined, and they deserve all the admiration they get (they get a lot of it, too). Find out more about them.

Alena Politukha @xoxoalenapo

32-year-old Alena Politukha has a super-active Instagram account; and her 1.2 million followers are grateful for it. The blonde bombshell, whose toned bum and ample cleavage are trademark features, uploads workout pictures, selfies. and some of her modeling work on a daily basis. Politukha used to be married to a strong political figure of Ukraine, Oleksandr Politukha, who is also the head of the city council of Derhachi.

Alena is one of the finest Instagram beauties.
Alena found fame when her personal pics were leaked.

The pretty blonde found fame in March 2015, when naked photographs of hers were leaked online. She later claimed that it was her ex-husband who had posted her photos online, in a bid to tarnish her reputation as their divorce was coming out. Today, Politukha is a model for German clothes designer Philipp Plein.

Mariya Karachyna @skinny.strong

Kyivan Mariya Karachyna likes nothing more than running. “My love for running began in childhood, in school I secretly enjoyed to hear the news ‘Today we are running 1 kilometer for speed” at our sports classes, since most my classmates really hated running,’ she wrote on her Facebook page, under the nickname Maria Sugar. The beautiful brunette leads a healthy lifestyle and does all kinds of exercise, from swimming to skating and surfing.  She works as a fitness coach and a freelance sports writer and is also a founder of the women’s’ fitness club ‘Skinny and Strong’.

Mariya is another one of Ukraine's fittest Instagram beauties.
Mariya is on a mission to help people choose a healthy lifestyle.

As expected, Karachyna loves taking part in marathons. In 2015, she ran a 42-kilometer marathon in 3 hours and 34 minutes, wearing a wedding dress in an effort to draw people’s attention to running and encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Karachyna likes to share tips on how to get a ripped body like hers with her more than 10,000 Instagram followers – can you think of better motivation?

Bakhar Nabieva @bakharnabieva

The third Ukrainian beauty gracing Instagram with her rock-hard figure and amazing looks is sexy Bakhar Nabieva. The 22-year-old fitness model whose toned buttocks are admired by over 1.3 million Instagram followers. And the stunner from Dnipro often shares rearview workout videos, like this one, and often revealing pictures with them.

Bakhar is one of the most toned Instagram beauties.
Bakhar’s toned legs are, without doubt, her pride and joy.

Bakhar first took up fitness to gain weight because she was mocked at school for being too skinny. Now, she is a fitness model who’s nicknamed “Miss Iron Bum.” In one of her posts, she writes “When life puts you in tough situations don’t say “why me?” Say”try me b*tch”.

Yulia Levchenko @levchenkou

Despite her young age, Yulia Levchenko, 19, has already found fame for her talent and dedication to high jumping. In 2014 she won a gold medal at the Summer Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China. Last year, the tall beauty conquered the third place in the international juniors’ athletic competition World U20 Championships in Athletics in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

An upcoming Ukrainian athlete is also one of the greatest Instagram beauties.
Levchenko is not just a pretty face, she’s a top athlete too.

Her Instagram profile is followed by over 28,000 people, making her one of the most popular Instagram beauties, and just by giving it a quick look you can easily see why. The gorgeous blonde with the impressive six-pack and the beaming smile is a sight for sore eyes.

Now that you’ve learned more about these amazingly ripped Ukrainian Instagram beauties, we bet you’re regretting that gym session you missed last week. Can you think of better motivation?

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