Anastasia Date presents the first Greek Bond girl.

Anastasia Date: She’s One Of The Prettiest Bond Girls And You’ve Never Heard Of Her

Tonia Sotiropoulou has the kind of beauty that stays with you long after you first lay eyes on her. Her clear, strong features, the angles of her face and the depth of her eyes are indelible. Then, there is this amazing, natural, tall body that mesmerizes you. But the former Bond girl is much more than just gorgeous. Anastasia Date introduces you to the fabulous Greek actress you’re bound to love.

Anastasia Date presents gorgeous Tonia Sotiropoulou
Tonia is one of the prettiest Greek actresses out there.

Anastasia Date: Her Name is Tonia. Tonia Sotiropoulou.

Tonia Sotiropoulou is a 30-year-old actress from Athens, Greece. She was always passionate about drama, which is why she attended a drama school in Greece and then moved to London, aged 20, to pursue an international career in acting.

Tonia’s Career

The impressive girl finally made it. She became widely known when she played one of the legendary Bond girls, starring in a very steamy scene alongside Daniel Craig in 2012 Bond film, “Skyfall”. Her role may not have been big, but she managed to impress with her stunning looks.

In the same year, she also played in the British psychological thriller, “Berberian Sound Studio” by British director and screenwriter Peter Strickland. The film was not a big commercial success, but it nevertheless won the acclaim of critics and also some serious independent film awards.

In 2014, Tonia played in another Hollywood blockbuster, “Hercules”, in the role of Vixen, alongside Dwayne Johnson. In 2016, the talented brunette played in a popular Greek film, “The Bachelor”.  She has played in a number of smaller films and also done theater in Greece.

Personal Info About Tonia

Tonia is 168 cm tall. She is not against plastic surgery, but what you see is 100% natural as she has not had any. As a genuine Mediterranean woman, she loves being close to the sea, swimming, sailing or just sunbathing.

Anastasia Date presents Bond girl Tonia Sotiropoulou.
Tonia loves being close to the sea.

She also enjoys working out at the gym and practicing yoga with any chance she gets. This is how she keeps her body so fit.

With her gorgeous looks, it’s no wonder she has stricken a number of commercial deals with Greek as well as international brands – from athletic attire to underwear, to jewelry and cosmetics companies.

Tonia has been on the cover of a number of magazines and is a much-loved person in her country, where she keeps a low profile and stays away from scandals and gossip.

Anastasia Date Tonia Sotiropoulou
Tonia likes to keep fit doing yoga.

She is especially interested in saving stray animals, taking part in a number of charities and speaking out for animal rights and cruelty-free products.

In her personal life, Tonia Sotiropoulou likes to keep things under wraps. She hardly ever talks about her relationships, but she is known to be with her fellow heartthrob actor Alexis Georgoulis for quite a few years, sometimes posting pictures of the two of them on Instagram too.

Anastasia Date likes talented women.
Tonia is currently filming in Greece.

All in all, it seems that Tonia Sotiropoulou has it all. She is a stunning woman who is ambitious, kind-hearted, fun, talented and clever all at once. She is just the kind of girl Anastasia Date loves to praise.

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