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You Need To Watch Out For Moments Of Micro-Attraction

We encounter so many dating tips on the internet that we sometimes get too focused on qualities in a partner that can make us feel safe and secure. Things like power, money, and influence may be important to some, but it’s the moments of micro-attraction that are the most important.

Why Micro-Attraction Is Important For Long-Term Relationships

In our world that looks up and admires only the biggest and the most, we sometimes forget that it’s the little things that matter in the long run. To understand micro-attraction better, read the following:

Small Moments With Giant Consequences

Micro-attraction can be found in small moments, like a casual mention of what you like and your partner gets it or does it for you. These little actions have big impacts on our lives – as well as on our hearts and minds.

Gearing Up For The Long-Term

When our partner does a simple random but thoughtful task, like make your bed or help an old person cross the street, you will realize that these little things are what you would like to see or experience every day for the rest of your life. While looks and flashy cars might give you a sense of entitlement and pride at the moment, how long with that feeling last?

The Unseen Matters

It takes some time spent with the other person before you realize these moments of micro-attraction. That is because these moments are beyond superficial. You will get to realize the unseen qualities of the other person, such as having a good character, kindness, integrity, and even empathy. These are the qualities that you would want your lifetime mate to have.

You Start To Value Your Growth

When you are with another person who stirs up your feelings because of the micro-attraction, you start to value your individualism as well as your own personal growth. You also subconsciously desire to become a better person, to do more, and to invest more in the relationship. You see how doing good can affect you and you know that if you give out goodness to your partner, you will certainly reap rewards in your relationship.

You need to watch out for these moments of micro-attraction when gauging a potential partner or your current relationship. These may be your ticket to a gratifying and long-term relationship. Or, even marriage. For more tips on relationships, read other posts on our blog.