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Why Are You Still Single? Maybe The Problem Is You Are Lithromantic

You know that you are a romantic person. A lot of your friends tell you so, but how come you’re not in a relationship yet? It’s probably because you are what’s called a “lithromantic” and you don’t even know it.

Everything You Need To Know About Being A Lithromantic

Basically, a lithromantic is someone who falls in love but only in theory. This kind of people love to be in love but don’t necessarily want to be in a relationship. It’s ironic, isn’t it? They can be head over heels crushing over somebody but, as soon as their crush reciprocates the feeling, they head for the hills.

How Can You Tell If You Are A Lithromantic?

There are a few reasons why lithromantics are this way. One could be because they feel like being too close with somebody will end in heartbreak. Two: it’s possible that they don’t want the perfect illusion of the person they’re interested in to be shattered. Now, how would you know if you are this kind of person or not?

1. You don’t need to be in a romantic relationship. You are in love with a certain person, but you cannot bring yourself to become a partner in a relationship.

2. You are emotionally unavailable. It maybe that you just had a traumatic experience. But, whatever the reason is, you just can’t seem to open your heart to another person.

3. You prefer platonic relationships. As much as you can, you prefer connections that are platonic. You are okay with just being friends.

4. You don’t like physical touch. It seems that physical touch, and generally more intimacy, makes your stomach queasy. It may be that you have not experienced affection when you were younger or probably a victim of a bad experience.

5. You have an attraction towards fictional characters. Another sign of being a lithromantic? You are more in love with superheroes or characters in movies than a real person. It must be because you already know the parameters of how they operate.

6. Your crushes are a secret. You have never told a soul about your crushes. You just don’t want to talk about them to other people.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with being a lithromantic. Don’t force yourself into a relationship just because others are pressuring you. Eventually, you may find love and venture into a romantic relationship when you are ready. If not, just enjoy being single, unattached, and being happy with that feeling of being in love. For more updates and tips, read other posts on our blog.