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AnastasiaDate’s Big Valentine’s Day Contest: 14 Days Of Giveaway

The Love Fest is on its way! And this Valentine’s Day 2018 we’re giving away 14 monthly memberships on the AnastasiaDate Instagram account starting on January 31st until February 13th. 14 winners will be selected on February 14th.


It’s easy to enter each day’s contest, so keep an eye on our official Instagram account during the giveaway period and follow the steps below:

  • Read and Accept the Official Rules located below
  • Follow us on @anastasia_date on Instagram
  • Like, tag your male friend and include #AnastasiaDateSweepstakes in your post.
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    The Truth About Why We Fall In Love Too Fast

    Do you feel like you fall in love too fast? It’s not just you because a good chunk of the human population feels this way. Have you ever wondered, though, why you fall too fast? Today, you’re going to find out.

    Reasons Why We’re Fast To Fall In Love

    Let’s get one thing straight, first. Falling in love too fast is, generally, not something that should be frowned upon. When you like someone, you can’t really do anything but follow your heart. You still have to consider, however, that falling too fast too soon might not always be good for you and your relationships. Here are a couple of possible reasons why you are like this: read more

    If You’ve Just Started Online Dating This Is What You’ll Go Through To Find Love

    Everyone is opting for online dating as their main means of meeting people. It’s the digital age, after all. However, there are still those who have not experienced the online dating environment yet. If you’re one of the few who haven’t tried dating on the internet, you need to know that you’re going to go through different stages to find love online.

    To Find Love Online, You Must Go Through These Stages

    From that first click on the first online profile, you come across, to your first date, you need to know that it’s normal for first-timers to go through the following phases:

    Enthusiastic But With Hesitation

    The first stage you go through is a stage filled with enthusiasm and hesitation. You’re enthusiastic because you’re hopeful that you’re going to find a date online yet skeptical because you’re probably wondering if online dating does work or not. read more

    What You Must Know If You Want To Escape A Dating Drought

    We have all had our fair share of dating drought. Are you familiar with the term? A dating drought happens when we have not dated somebody for a really long time. Typically, you can say you’ve entered the drought season when your dating life has been non-existent for the past 6 months.

    How To Escape A Dating Drought

    It’s hard to be in a drought like this. It makes us really rusty. Our once confident selves can become awkward and anxious, especially when we are faced with a potential date. So can one do to escape the drought?

    Join The Online Dating Community

    Online dating has to be the best means of meeting someone new in a short period of time. You can start by signing up to a dating website of your choosing. Set up your profile, and then browse through others’ profiles to sort out potential matches. read more