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Fun Dating App Questions That Guarantee A Reply

Thanks to technology, online dating is a big part of our modern lifestyle today. However, our success in online dating depends on our interactions. You need topics to talk about that are safe and will help you get to know the other person. To do this, you must master the use of fun dating app questions to keep the conversation going.

Ask Fun Dating App Questions To Get More Dates

Whether you are a man or a woman, you would want to strike up a conversation and have an exchange that feels natural and lively on a dating app. Yes, you can start with the usual, “Hi! How are you?” but it would be better if you follow your intro up with the following fun dating app questions:

1. Ask about fictional characters they like.

Men would likely answer a question about their favorite comic book characters because a lot of them like superheroes. Meanwhile, girls are most likely to answer characters from esteemed romantic movies. To keep the conversation going, ask them why they like the character they mentioned.

2. Ask about the three celebrities that they would most likely go on a date with.

The point here is to pick the other person’s ideas on the matter. With this question, you can find out about the traits they like in a potential mate. For example, if an attractive lady says that she would like to date Brad Pitt because she admires his love for his children, then you’ll know that this woman like a man who’s family-oriented.

3. Ask about something that their parents don’t know about them.

We are already grownups and we no longer inform our parents about everything that we do. While we may not be comfortable sharing some secrets with our elders, we may easily open up about them to peers. And, possibly with our dates. You can have a long talk about this topic.

4. Ask about the reality show that they would like to be on.

Reality shows are the trend nowadays. These even include dating shows. Ask a potential partner if they would like to get on one and what show would it be. If he or she would like to go on Big Brother, then you’ll know that your date may value transparency or fame.

Fun dating app questions can be your leads to a good conversation. Use them to pick-up dates and just to learn new things about the other person. For more dating app tips, make sure to read the rest of our blog.