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Your Relationship’s Biggest Threat is Insecure Attachment

As humans, we were designed to be attached to other people like our friends, the love of our life, our family, and the rest of the people around us. However, not all of these attachments are healthy. With  some of the people mentioned, we may have formed an insecure attachment.

Relationships Are Destroyed From Within When An Insecure Attachment Is Formed

When you have an insecure attachment with a person, your bond is contaminated by fear. This fear makes you act out so you can control the situation and, to your perspective, preserve the relationship. In most cases, the opposite happens. Every relationship, whether it is romantic or not, rots from within when insecure attachments are formed. For you to know if you have this attachment style, watch out for these signs:

1. Clingy Or Demanding

Either you or your partner is clingy or demands so much of the other’s time that the relationship feels suffocating. There must be a space in the relationship for two people to do their own thing. Each person should have a certain amount of autonomy over how they spend their free time.

2. Lack Of Emotional Intimacy

You guard yourself against possible threats. Of course, you don’t do this consciously, but you are unknowingly putting up walls to protect yourself. You don’t let others in, or you don’t connect to your partner at a deeper level to avoid getting hurt.

3. Suspicious

You or your partner can have an insecure attachment if you are overly suspicious. In a relationship, or while dating, it’s normal to be a little jealous from time to time. But, when you are suspicious, you question your partner’s behavior, as well as the behavior of the people he or she is with.

If you spot all of these three signs in your relationship, then it is also likely that you feel like things have been rocky. The best thing to do is address the problems and deal with it. Insecure attachment is formed during childhood. To correct it, professional help may be needed, but only you know how problematic this is for you. For more tips and dating and relationships, read other posts on the blog.