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When it comes to dating, we usually asses the people we meet if we have a future with them. We analyze their characteristics and personality to see if they are marriage material. That’s the purpose of dating, after all. However, have you ever wondered if you are the marrying type yourself? reveals a list through one personality test. Marriage Material Characteristics

A test called the Myers-Briggs Set says that the type of personality called ISTJ is the most marriageable. It stands for introversion, sensing, thinking, and judgment. Some of the most famous personalities in mainstream media have this personality. George Washington, Queen Elizabeth II, and Warren Buffet are some of the famous people who have the ISTJ set. read more

The Easiest Way To Set Up Relationship Boundaries

Contrary to what most couples think, setting up relationship boundaries is actually a good thing. It does create a bit of a distance between you and your loved one because boundaries is another way of saying “No”. However, you want that tiny bit of space to keep your individuality and relationship intact.

Setting Up Healthy Relationship Boundaries

Not a lot of couples set relationship boundaries because it is a hard conversation to have. As mentioned, setting boundaries is another way of saying “You can’t do this” or “This is not acceptable”. In most relationships, however, it’s not a question of the lack of boundary setting. It’s a matter of poor or unhealthy relationship boundaries. read more

This Is How Often New Couples Should See Each Other And It’s Weird

Almost all new couples would want to see each other as often as possible. Everything is new, everything is exciting, and both parties would want to share these with each other. However, an expert is saying that new couples should avoid doing this at the onset of their relationship.

New Couples Should Spend Less Time With Each Other

It’s ironic to say that new couples should spend less time with each other. It sounds counterproductive to most of us, but Dr. Seth Meyers, a licensed clinical psychologist and author, has a good explanation.

Whenever new love forms, the tendency is for both people to want to spend every night together. The problem with this is that we are tempted to be emotionally and physically intimate. There’s nothing wrong with being intimate with the person you are falling for but, according to Dr. Meyers, this usually brings up intense emotions. In turn, these emotions cloud our judgment, making us create a false sense of intimacy and dependence. read more

Examples On Making Your Dating Account More Exciting In 2018

How many times have you heard this online dating new year resolution: “Make your dating account more exciting”? Probably plenty now that the old year is about to wrap up. The thing with this tip is that it’s not very specific. How do you make your dating profile more exciting?

The Best Way To Spice Up Your Dating Account In 2018

We’ve come up with a couple of examples for you to include in your dating profile. In case you’re wondering, yes, you have to edit every detail. If you’re already happy with some sections of your dating bio, then that’s alright. All you need are some enhancements. Whatever your case is, here are examples you can try to make yourself more interesting: read more