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This Is How Often New Couples Should See Each Other And It’s Weird

Almost all new couples would want to see each other as often as possible. Everything is new, everything is exciting, and both parties would want to share these with each other. However, an expert is saying that new couples should avoid doing this at the onset of their relationship.

New Couples Should Spend Less Time With Each Other

It’s ironic to say that new couples should spend less time with each other. It sounds counterproductive to most of us, but Dr. Seth Meyers, a licensed clinical psychologist and author, has a good explanation.

Whenever new love forms, the tendency is for both people to want to spend every night together. The problem with this is that we are tempted to be emotionally and physically intimate. There’s nothing wrong with being intimate with the person you are falling for but, according to Dr. Meyers, this usually brings up intense emotions. In turn, these emotions cloud our judgment, making us create a false sense of intimacy and dependence. read more

Examples On Making Your Dating Account More Exciting In 2018

How many times have you heard this online dating new year resolution: “Make your dating account more exciting”? Probably plenty now that the old year is about to wrap up. The thing with this tip is that it’s not very specific. How do you make your dating profile more exciting?

The Best Way To Spice Up Your Dating Account In 2018

We’ve come up with a couple of examples for you to include in your dating profile. In case you’re wondering, yes, you have to edit every detail. If you’re already happy with some sections of your dating bio, then that’s alright. All you need are some enhancements. Whatever your case is, here are examples you can try to make yourself more interesting: read more

Toxic Dating Habits You Should Leave In 2017

If you haven’t seen a lot of action in your dating life, you shouldn’t blame it all on bad luck. The most likely reason for your unsuccessful dating streak is a slew of toxic dating habits that you keep on repeating.

Toxic Dating Habits You Need To Stop ASAP

Over and over you keep on doing the same mistake. This turned into a habit and then the habit turned into a dating rut that you’re currently stuck in. Don’t worry because there are always ways out of a rut. Here are our suggestions:

1. Don’t empower your preference list too much.

We all have a list that we refer to from time to time. This list contains all of the traits and characteristics we want our future partner to possess. Although there’s nothing wrong with the list because it serves as a reminder of our standards. But, we sometimes refuse to be flexible with the people we meet. Who cares if your date has black hair instead of blonde? read more

Make Her Feel Special By Saying These Phrases

Often times, when a couple shares a life together, they become unaware that their significant other also needs their attention. It’s understandable to sometimes focus on work, friends, yourself, and family, but our partner shouldn’t be in the back seat. This is why sincere words that can make any woman feel special or loved can go a long way.

Practice Saying These Phrases To Make Her Feel Special

The phrases that you can use to make your loved one feel special can actually do more for your relationship. Because you’re giving your partner some attention, she will likely do the same for you. This can result in a closer bond that renews the spark that you may have already lost. Without further ado, here are the phrases that you need to practice: read more