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How To Get What You Want When You Are Dating Online

Of course, you want to get what you want out of online dating. Everyone does. Each of us wants to find the love of our life, and we’re hoping to do it through the internet. However, there are some obstacles we can’t seem to jump over. These challenges are hindering us from getting what we want out of online dating.

Hurdling Over Challenges To Get What You Want With Online Dating

The biggest culprits that don’t allow us to get what we want as we date online are our bad online dating habits. Through the list below, we will address those bad online dating habits, one by one, and propose a solution to them:

1. Focus On One Dating Website

How many dating websites are you signed up to? If it’s just two then that’s a number that you can manage, but you don’t want to be checking numerous sites every day. You have to focus your energy on one dating site, two if you have enough time. read more

The DOs And DON’Ts Of Using Humor To Attract Matches

We all want to appear fun, approachable, and out-going whenever we’re online dating. The best way to do that would be to use humor. To attract matches, you need to show a side of you that doesn’t take things too seriously.

How To Use Humor Correctly To Attract Matches Online

In a 2011 study, it was revealed that women like men with a good sense of humor because it was indicative of their intelligence. But, before you go off cracking jokes, there are a few DOs and DONT’s you need to remember:

Do Use Acronyms And Interjections

When you chat with your online date, use acronyms like LOL which means “laughing out loud” and ROFL which means “rolling on the floor laughing”. In addition, the common interjection of “haha” gets better responses than “hehe”. Using acronyms and interjections will get you more responses. read more

Advice About Labeling A Serious Relationship

What do you say when you’ve already reached the point where you want to be exclusive with the person you’re dating? How do you tell this person that you want a serious relationship? Most of us don’t know how to approach this situation because we don’t know what to say.

Tips On How To Have The Talk About Labeling A Serious Relationship

We all dread this talk because, on one hand, we do want to officially be boyfriend-girlfriend. But, on the other hand, we don’t want to ruin everything good that’s been happening by approaching the situation with awkwardness. What do you do? Consider the tips below:

It All Starts With Your Dating Profile

Most experts would agree that the best way to weed out people who will waste your time is to start with your dating profile. On it, you need to clearly state that you’re looking for a serious relationship. It’s a small thing you can do, but experts say that it works for about 90% of the time. read more

What Most Men Don’t Understand About Modern Dating

How hard can modern dating be? In truth, it’s actually not as hard as many people think. However, there are men out there who just don’t get it. Because times have changed, modern dating is not just a simple boy meets girl type of situation.

What Men Need To Learn About Modern Dating

So what does happen when you are on a modern date? What do men need to learn from how dating is done today? Here’s a list that men need to memorize:

1. Women know they have a choice.

Women are not obliged to say yes to you. Every woman you encounter knows that she has rights and that she is strong and independent. She can say no when she doesn’t like the situation or if she’s not into you. You just need to accept this. read more