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The Simplest Secrets To Finding Real Love

These days, finding real love is such a hard task in the dating world. Apart from the landscape of dating changing, there are also plenty of negative trends to watch out for. So, in this day and age, how would one go about finding true love while dodging a few broken hearts and shattered expectations?

Go Back To The Basics While Finding Real Love

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are so tainted with the ways of the dating scene today. We eat up the “hook-up culture” which only focuses on short-term relationships. If you’re on a journey to finding true love, you must unlearn everything that you’ve picked up about dating from this century. Replace the lessons with these ones: read more

How To Build Trust And Attraction When Dating

To build trust and attraction when dating is possible if you know a few techniques to apply when you are with your special someone. Most people think that attraction is instant and trust is just built over time. While the latter is true, it’s possible for attraction to be created.

Behaviors That Build Trust And Attraction

When it comes to interpersonal relationships that are romantic, one of the most effective ways for you to make that connection is by sending the right signal. Mostly, you can do that with your behavior:

1. Eye Contact Plus Interact

When you are on your date, maintain your eye contact to build attraction. The longer you hold your eye contact, the more attracted you will seem to your date. As you are doing this, interact and ask questions to keep the conversation going. read more

Qualities Every Good Man Must Have

If you were a woman and you were asked about what qualities make a good man, what will come to your mind first? In this modern age, it seems that ladies are complaining, even more than usual, that there are no more good men left on this earth. Of course, it’s not accurate, because if you know where to look, then you will find a handful who are just within reach, don’t you agree?

A Good Man Always Sticks To His Principles

You will definitely spot a good man from the bunch because he will always stand up for what he believes in even though others are doing the opposite. For example, a good man will never take his woman for granted. Here are other traits that a good man should have: read more

Qualities Every Good Woman Must Have

When you are dating online, it’s a must for you to discover a woman’s character and personality. Yes, physical appearance or attraction is important, but, in the long run, what will help you connect with a good woman is her qualities.

A Good Woman Will Always Have Your Back

You have to remember that a good woman will always have your back if you are in the right. But, if you’re making a mistake, she will be sure to tell you to our face and not sugarcoat anything she needs to say. Other qualities that you need to watch out for are:

1. She’s Encouraging

A good woman will never tell you to stop pursuing your dreams. Even if you are not linked romantically yet, she will support you or tell you that she believes in you. read more