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A Love Drug That Will Solve Our Romantic Problems Is Becoming A Reality

From the magical potions witches made in fairytales to an era where we are coming to understand our brains so well that there are now ways to experience emotions through drugs, one thing has always been the goal: love. It seems that a love drug is about to change the way we perceive the strongest emotion of all.

Why Would You Take A Love Drug?

After many years of constant and systematic research and experimentation, scientists seem to have come to understand how our brain experiences love through activation of its complex subsystems. By experimenting on two different kinds of prairie voles – one that’s monogamous and one that isn’t – scientists have come to identify the brain system behind romantic feelings in long-term relationships. Apparently, the difference in the oxytocin systems of the two species is what causes their different approaches to love.

Because there is not one kind of love though, as there are different chemicals released when we first fall in love and different ones when we are in a long-term, stable relationship, neuroscientists are more likely to focus the love drug on bringing the rush of the first stage of a romance back to long-term relationships.

The Various Uses Of A Love Drug

There may also be other uses, though, or even other types of emotion-controlling drugs, like the one that may act as an antidote for love. This could potentially be useful in abusive relationships when the abused partner would rather fall out of love and leave their abusive partner for good.

It is hard to tell, but some may say that there are already emotion-inducing drugs out there, some legally and others not. For instance, MDMA or the Amazonian hallucinogenic ayahuasca both bring about the release of oxytocin in the body. However, the effects they have are too short-term to have any true and lasting effect on a couple’s relationship.

A Question Of Ethics

As concerns the ethical aspect of love drugs, and whether it is morally right to interfere with love in a relationship, Anders Sandberg, a neuroethicist at Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute, has his own opinion. He says, “Should people having trouble in a relationship go to a marriage counselor? Shouldn’t a marriage just fall apart naturally? If someone goes away on a romantic holiday that costs a lot of money and comes back with a better marriage, we’d probably say, ‘Yeah, that’s great.’”

Despite the fact there is still a lot of research to be done, what’s probably more difficult to do than produce the love drug (or drugs if different kinds of them are produced), the big question is how and when it will be alright to take them. True life is a little more complicated than fairytales.

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Why This New Breakup Style Is Far Better Than Ghosting

Anyone who has been in a position where they had to end a relationship surely knows that it’s not an easy thing to do. Breaking the news to someone that you will no longer be together can be tough on both sides. The new breakup style, recommended by “Life Incorporated” founder, Halley Bock, is a sensitive and honest way to do it.

“Saying Goodbye” Is The New Breakup Style

Far from the cold-hearted and impersonal attitude that’s adopted by those who prefer “ghosting” as a way to end a relationship, “saying goodbye” is personal and aims to give actual closure to a relationship that just doesn’t work.

Why Is It Important To Say Goodbye?

Halley Bock, the woman behind this new breakup technique, points out that showing compassion is vital when it comes to ending a relationship. While it may be convenient to lay the blame of a breakup on others and accuse them of being toxic or evil, in reality, there is no way for us to ever be freed from the emotional baggage unless we say our proper goodbyes.

According to the inspirational author, there is no reason to carry the burden of a relationship that’s no good for us like a heavy bag of stones on our backs. Instead, she proposes that we adopt a more direct and frank approach to how we finish things off, by explaining the reasons for our decision and offering closure.

How Do You Say Goodbye?

What Bock advises people about to break up is to keep the focus on themselves. A good idea is to talk about the effect of the relationship on the person, instead of accusing the soon-to-be-ex partner of the relationship’s failure. So, instead of saying “You are a bad person” you should choose something like “I feel that this relationship does not have the right dynamic for me”.

In any case, she points out that it is essential to make it clear that there is no going back. When you say goodbye, make sure it is understood that the decision is final and do not leave any windows or hopes of a reconnection open.

How To Handle The Reaction

In the event the other person reacts badly, Bock says you should keep your cool and try not to engage in any kind of altercation. Allow the person to accept the harsh reality, as any kind of reaction may be expected when such news is broken to someone. Try to put yourself in their shoes and see things from their perspective, as any person asked to accept something so upsetting is entitled to a reaction.

Even though this new breakup style may not be groundbreaking exactly, in an era of “fast food” relationships, when there is a term for disappearing without a trace from one, it is good to see things from a compassionate and logical angle and end things in a manner which may not be the easiest thing to do, but seems to be the best for both sides.

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Third Date Will Make Or Break Your Relationship, Here’s Why

Everyone is so obsessed talking about making a good impression on a first date that very few talk about the second one. Even fewer ever mention the third date at all. But this is one major mistake because the third date is the defining date for your relationship. You may be thinking this is crazy talk, but you’ll see why this all makes perfect sense.

Why Is The Third Date Super Important?

To understand what really makes the third date such a big deal, it’s a good idea to see what goes on in the previous two.

The awkward first encounter.

Think of yourself on your first date. You probably spend the whole night worrying about the impression you’re making. Have you dressed appropriately? Are you asking her the right questions? Is your body language right? There is so much to worry about you don’t even have the chance or the head to learn and remember much about her.

The is-the-chemistry-really-there second date.

And let’s have a look at the second date. You asked her on one, so it means you liked her on the first one and she liked you enough to accept doing it again. This time, you have promised yourself to learn more about her, worry less about yourself and actually make sure that the connection you suspected on the first date really is there. Chances are that she’s doing the exact same thing with you. So, again, there is so much stress that one of you will blow it and the other will have a change of heart and never want to meet again.

The turning point that is the third date.

Now, do you see why the third date is made of gold? Once you’ve made it past the second date, you can actually say that you are officially dating. You will be feeling much more relaxed and get the chance to dig deeper into real things in your life that you just mentioned in the previous two dates, you will have a better conversation as the intimacy will have increased, and you know about the ladies’ “third-date rule”. You may even move things forward with some physical action too. The third date basically establishes the kind of relationship you’ll have. It’s when you will understand whether you are on the same page as far as relationship goals are concerned, and decide for real if you want to go on that journey together.

With relationships analyzed more than ever these days, you will surely find the third date slowly taking its rightful place as the make-or-break, defining moment in people’s relationships.

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