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Anastasia Dates: Things To Think About Before Becoming Exclusive

Dating, whether online or offline, has phases. After meeting several Anastasia dates, you narrow it down to just one. With offline dating, you could go on several first dates and then ask the woman you’re interested in for a second one.

Next comes a phase where you get to know each other. It’s like sizing each other up and getting a feel for what the other person is like now that first meeting or first date jitters are out of the way. When all goes well, and hopefully it will, the phase where you both decide to be exclusive is next.

Anastasia Dates: What Comes Before Exclusivity

But, you shouldn’t decide to be exclusive without giving it a deeper thought. Being exclusive means that there should be a commitment to the relationship. If both parties are not ready, it could be disastrous. Anastasia Dates gives you a few things to consider before dating exclusively:

Mental and Emotional Preparedness

It’s really easy to get swept off your feet when you’re in the height of love, but you have to use your rational thinking in determining whether both of you are ready to be serious and exclusive – emotionally and mentally.

Is anyone carrying excess baggage? Is someone’s breakup fresh? You need to know the answers to these so you can determine if both of you are prepared.

Being On The Same Page

Before going exclusive, you have to think about whether this is something that both of you want. Or, maybe it is something that only you want. You have to be on the same page. What can turn into a blossoming relationship, quickly goes the other way if exclusivity is proposed, but not both people are on the same page.

Physical Attraction

Physical attraction is on the list because you have to be physically attracted to each other for the relationship to sustain. Being physically attracted and compatible will be the fuel to your connection in the long run.

A lot of couples don’t consider this, which is a mistake. If you don’t enjoy kissing the person or being physically intimate with a person, then the relationship won’t survive.

If you’re all green with these three signs, it means that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level. We hope that these dating tips have helped you. You can check out our blog for more posts about dating and the dating culture.

Habits Happy Couples Have In Their Relationships

What do happy couples do to remain happy? That’s a good question! The truth is happy couples don’t have a set guide on how to make the other person happy or how to make the relationship work. Both people merely do what comes naturally to them.

Do These Things And You’ll Be One Of The Happy Couples

For us outsiders who need a little more practice when it comes to maintaining the happiness in relationships, it could be interesting to identify particular habits that happy couples do. We believe that the key to a relationship’s happiness could lie within these habits.


Listening is seemingly simple, but a lot of people have trouble with this skill. When in a relationship, a good set of listening skills can come in handy. This brings us to the first habit that happy couples do which is listening to each other. It’s not just listening to everyday stuff too. It’s listening when your significant other has something important to say – no excuses.

Morning Time

Everyone experiences a busy period from time to time, but a happy couple always finds a way to talk or spend time together. Commonly, when happy couples can’t find enough time to spend with the other, they converge in the kitchen for some breakfast each morning! This is a good idea because it sets your day up for happiness, given that the mood is light while you’re eating breakfast.

Small Surprises

Happy couples don’t always buy each other expensive gifts. What they surprise each other with constantly are inexpensive ones that have significance. For example, if you know that your girl likes tea sets, and you come across a really cheap one at a yard sale, buy the set for her. It’s the thoughtfulness in these small gifts that tell the other person you care.

Little Romance

Think of a small gesture that can make a moment more romantic. It could be leaving small notes, buying your girl flowers, or planning a simple dinner in your backyard. It is small gestures that happy couples like to do from time to time. They’re not grand gestures of love, but they certainly do the trick.

Remember that the happy habits that couples do are not limited to the ones on this list. Find your own way of showing the person you’re with that you care a great deal. Then, make a habit out of it!

The goal is simple: to make the other person happy. Don’t even think about yourself or the relationship. Focus on the goal, and you’ll form happy habits of your own sooner than you think. Check out more Anastasia Dating tips on our blog.

Dating Update: Is Breadcrumbing The New Ghosting?

What in the world is breadcrumbing? Apparently, it is a new online dating term that’s similar to ghosting. If you haven’t heard of those expressions yet, the main point you need to know is you should avoid doing both.

Breadcrumbing Explained

Before we get into what breadcrumbing is, let’s talk about ghosting so we have all bases covered.

Ghosting means that you go off the radar without any warning or explanation. For example, you’ve been talking to this beautiful European girl for a while. You, then, decide that you don’t like her as much, so you stop all communication with her without telling her anything – not even a goodbye.

Now, we can move on to breadcrumbing. It is a new term used to describe an online dater who contacts you on and off, not really making his or her intentions clear. This dater leaves enough “crumbs” for you to be interested but then disappears without a trace. After a few weeks or months, the dater resurfaces, starting the cycle of leaving crumbs all over again.

How to Avoid Breadcrumbing

Now, do you see why both ghosting and breadcrumbing have negative connotations? You have to avoid doing both at all costs because you don’t want to lead someone on only to break their heart in the end. Here are some tips on how to avoid ghosting and breadcrumbing:

  1. Be clear with your intentions. If you don’t like a person or if you just want to remain friends with a person, tell them.
  2. Don’t go for the easy way out. Telling someone the truth. It can sting a little, but it’s better than to leave them hanging.
  3. Be aware of your actions. Flirting with someone online is not a bad thing, but make sure that you don’t flirt too much to the point where a person mistakes it for you wanting to have a relationship.
  4. Communicate. Aside from being honest about the type of relationship you want, you should also be honest if you won’t be able to go online for a few days or weeks. For example, if you’re going on a business trip, or if you’re busy. This way, they won’t feel like you ditched them.
  5. All your decisions should be final. Before saying anything to the person you may be interested in online, make sure that what you’re feeling is not fleeting. If you tell her that you’d rather be friends, you cannot take it back.

Have you ever been “breadcrumbed” before? We hope not. For more dating tips, don’t hesitate to check out the rest of our post on our blog.