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How to Grab A Girl’s Attention And Keep It

If you have your eye on a girl you want to win over, the first thing you need to do is get her attention. But with a mix of stress and excitement taking over you, sometimes this first step is the hardest one to make. And what if you do manage to grab a girl’s attention, but have no idea how to keep it? We’re here to help.

Step 1. This is How You Grab A Girl’s Attention

With dates, it’s “start as you mean to go on”, as they say. So, start boldly, confidently and like the gentleman you are.

Find Common Ground

If you are lucky enough to have a way of learning a few things about your object of desire before you talk to her, for example by being in the same circle of friends that you can ask for info about her, that’s great news.

If not, there is no reason to despair because you can still draw some conclusions about her by observation. For example, you can tell by the place you see her (a theater? a club? the supermarket? her workplace?) one or two things about her and her habits. Observing the way she dresses is also going to give you an idea of what she’s like.

Avoid Awkwardness

So, the first thing to do when you approach her is to avoid using some sort of cheesy chat-up line and go for a clever remark that’s relevant to where you are instead. Once she gives you a reply, you should keep the conversation flowing. If you run out of arguments or topics of conversation, avoid those awkward silences by providing examples: “like that one time when…”

If you are getting positive vibes, you can even make a (subtle) remark about her, commenting on her smile or eyes or hair, for example. You shouldn’t forget about your strongest asset: your sense of humor, too. Make some witty remark about the concert/ play/ bar where you are, but go easy on the sarcasm.

Step 2. Keeping The Attention

Now you have managed to grab a girl’s attention,  how do you keep it?

Involve Her In The Conversation

There is nothing drawing girls more than a guy who can take control of a conversation and hold it, either by sharing interesting facts or experiences or by being fun to talk to. Don’t get carried away by the sound of your own voice, though. You should always make sure she is also part in the conversation too, by asking her questions about her and making her feel special.

Choose Intimacy And Simplicity

Now you are fairly confident that she is interested in you, you should try to make things a little more intimate by choosing a different location to continue. First of all, you just take it outside the club or any crowded place you’re in for a more quiet time. Then it’s the perfect idea to suggest a coffee date. Yes, a coffee date. If you’re not convinced a quiet café is an ideal location for a date, read this and reconsider.

After you learn more about her on your coffee date, you should be ready for that all-important second date. Good job.

Hope we helped you see how easy it is to grab a girl’s attention and keep it. For more dating advice, continue here. You may also want to check out AnastasiaDate for mesmerizing girls who will make you want to put this advice to great use.