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Native Bulgarian Nina Dobrev’s Sexy Red Carpet Looks


Bulgarian beauty Nina Dobrev almost isn’t fair. She magically skirts the line between cutie-pie and sexpot, and she doesn’t look at all out of place when her style veers significantly toward one lane or the other. The talented 27-year old actress, best known for starring in the CW series The Vampire Diaries, was born Nikolina Constantinova Dobrevain in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Extreme Tourism: The Forbidden Odessa Catacombs


Unless you’ve already spent significant time underground or deep inside a cave, you cannot imagine total darkness as described by those who have toured the Odessa Catacombs. Many of the world’s major cities have underground tunnels that have endured over centuries—carved out for purposes of transit or battle, and remaining at least partially intact today. But the most expansive, fascinating, and deadly catacombs in the world exist under Odessa.