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Things You’ll Regret Telling Her On The First Date

First date is always nerve wrecking. What do you say? How do you act? Do you have broccoli on your teeth? There’s so much to worry about.  Sorry if that doesn’t sound reassuring, but it’s the truth. Despite that, all the mistakes you can make can be made up with a pleasant and engaging conversation.

Don’t Talk About The Following Topics On Your First Date

Interesting conversation can be the problem though because what to talk about is one of the things that worry you. Well, let’s just start with topics or statements that you should avoid to keep things simple.

Ex Attacks

If you’re going to talk about your ex negatively, make sure that you’re just doing it with your friends. This is beyond inappropriate for a first date topic. You don’t want your date to think that you’re bitter and that you carry a lot of excess baggage with you. read more

Hurts So Good! Ukrainian Red Pepper Horilka Is the Best Flavored Vodka You’ve Never Had


“Horilka” is the Ukrainian term you’ve never heard for something you might have frequently—Vodka. There are several anecdotal tales of regional twists on vodka (like horilka) that go back centuries. The term “Horilka” comes from the Ukrainian verb hority, or “to burn.” It seems logical to assume that this would refer to the burning sensation of the drink, or even the spiciness commonly found in horilka (flavored as it is with red pepper), but in reality, it refers to the fact that alcohol literally burns when lit on fire.