Native Bulgarian Nina Dobrev’s Sexy Red Carpet Looks


Bulgarian beauty Nina Dobrev almost isn’t fair. She magically skirts the line between cutie-pie and sexpot, and she doesn’t look at all out of place when her style veers significantly toward one lane or the other. The talented 27-year old actress, best known for starring in the CW series The Vampire Diaries, was born Nikolina Constantinova Dobrevain in Sofia, Bulgaria.She and her family moved to Canada when she was a very young child, but Nina cherishes her Bulgarian heritage, even taking every chance she gets to speak her mother tongue on Canadian and US television.

In the above video, we see that The Vampire Diaries capitalized on both Bulgarian folklore around vampires and their lead actress’ native heritage for a flashback scene, and Nina recently charmed the entire US late-night viewing audience with her language on The Late Late Show With James Corden:

James goads Nina into a bit of a naughty Bulgarian translation, and she’s such a good sport about it. Then there was this time when, at the start of a KTLA appearance, Nina sweetly greets a Bulgarian native upon request:

Nina’s good looks and physique are largely the product of genetic glory, but the lithe body we see now was certainly molded additionally by her years spent as a dancer and competitive gymnast. That body, along with her sense of style, have made Nina Dobrev a red carpet style superstar. Let’s check out some of her top looks.

  1. 2010 Spike TV Scream Awards

Nina1Rocking this classic Little Black Dress, Nina is caught mid-laugh here, showing her girl-next-door cuteness even as she’s dressed like a femme fatale.

  1. Birthday at Studio 54 Las Vegas

Nina2When Nina celebrated her 21st birthday, she did it in style. Specifically, in the #1 style of the time for Hollywood Hotties, the body-conscious “bandage dress” by designer Hervé Leger

  1. ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards

Nina3At the 22nd Annual ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards, held in 2015 at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, Nina made jaws drop in this remarkably simple A-line dress.

  1. 2013 Met Gala

Nina4The theme of the Met Gala that year was “punk.” Nina was starring on the Vampire Diaries at the time, so she brought a sense of goth. Couture designer Monique Lhuillier sprinkled the whole look with a dash of rock and roll. It’s pants but it’s also a dress, and it’s just plain hot.

  1. 2011 Emmy Awards

Nina5At the annual celebration of the brightest stars in television that year, Nina rose above actors twice her age who are used to slaying their every red carpet appearance to be unilaterally crowned Best Dressed. Her Donna Karan gown is the epitome of classic glamour, her side-swept hair and glowing skin keep the look from being too rigid, and her cleavage and collarbone should have won an award all their own that night but alas, those awards shows are never totally fair.

All images via Pinterest.