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Are You In A Smothered Relationship Heading For Heartache?

It’s a wonderful thing when you feel that your partner is truly in love with you. This is why we aim to look for a match with a loving characteristic. However, what would happen if one loved too much, resulting in a smothered relationship?

A Smothered Relationship Will Never Be Good For The Couple

Yes, there is such a thing as loving too much. You can’t really call it love because it borders with obsessiveness. The partner who does the smothering usually tries to control everything to the point where the other person in the relationship no longer feels secure. Here are some other characteristics to watch out for:

Constant Reassurance

Some verbal reassurance is great when it comes to the relationship’s future. But, if your partner is always asking you about being together ten years or more from now, it could get annoying.

Always Agreeing

You’ll know that a partner is smothering you in a relationship when they always agree, no matter what your opinion is. It’s like they don’t have an opinion of their own. Or, it could be that they are not expressing it for the fear of losing you.

Inability To Be Alone

One of the telltale signs that a partner is too invested in the relationship and not a lot into him or herself is the inability to be alone. Whenever you go out, your partner has to be with you. That’s great from time to time, but in a smothered relationship, you are always with your partner, 24-7, 365.

How many signs do you see in your current partner or in the person you’re dating? It might be time to confront your significant other and help him or her towards healing. If you can’t handle the clinginess and the smothered relationship, it could be time for you to decide whether the relationship is right or not. For more tips, make sure to read other posts on our blog.