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Do You Know Your Basic Rights In A Relationship?

Before entering a serious relationship, we already have certain things in mind that we expect from our partner and the partnership. We have our wants and our needs. However, did you know that we actually have basic rights in a relationship? Most people get into dating without knowing their basic rights. If you don’t know what these rights are, there’s a chance your partner might take  advantage of that.

Your Partner Should Award You With These Basic Rights

Although you are in love with the person you’re dating now, you still have to watch out for yourself. If your partner doesn’t give you the following basic rights in a relationship, you will never be happy and your partnership will not be last long:

1. Your Partner’s Attention

It’s true that your partner will not give you his or her full attention twenty-four seven. However, attention should still be given. You shouldn’t have to beg for your partner’s attention all the time. It’s not fair that you feel that you are not a priority.

2. Your Partner Should Try To Work Out Your Differences

Please remember that this is not just about your partner being able to work with your differences. You should also be willing to do the same. Both of you need to reach a common ground so you can come up with a solution to your issues quicker.

3. Your Partner Should Share The Load With You

You never want to be in a relationship that’s one-sided. You don’t want to do all of the work. The main point of being in a relationship is that you work together as a team. It’s not going to be much of a partnership when only one person is working and putting in the effort.

4. You Have The Right To Affection

You did not go into a relationship to become lonelier. What good is a partner if there is no affection or love involved?

All of the four basic rights should be awarded to you when you are in a relationship. It is not negotiable, just like your constitutional rights as well as human rights. If you don’t spot these in your relationship, talk to your partner. If it persists, you may have to consider that your partner is taking advantage of you. You have to decide what you need to do next. For more tips about relationships and dating other posts on the blog.