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Currently You Have The Best Chance To Get Married If You Meet Online

Did you and your spouse or fiancé meet online? Well, you are part of the percentage of couples who got married after meeting through social media and online dating. A new survey has revealed that newlyweds have met through these modern means. This study involved 14,000 couples who were interviewed to find out about their relationships and how they popped the big question.

Meet Online For Romantic Connections

After the participants’ interviews, it was observed that 19% of brides said that they met their spouse through social media or online dating this 2017. Last year, the percentage was only around 14%. The rest of the results showed that 17% of the couples met through friends, 15% met at college, and 12% at work.

The researchers have concluded that more and more people are getting into the online dating wagon because it’s more convenient and it’s now widely accepted. The veil has been lifted and the stigma that once was associated with online dating is now progressively diminishing.

What’s ironic is that although people spend less and less time interacting in the real world (initially), they are spending more and planning more when it comes to tying the knot. The same survey has also observed that soon-to-be-grooms have become very picky about choosing the best engagement ring, as well as cooking up elaborate plans to ask their significant other’s hand in marriage.


Although online dating doesn’t take up a lot of a person’s effort, it’s still an effective way of meeting people. The romance a couple experiences doesn’t fly out of the window despite them meeting online. The misconceptions that we have left about online dating may very well be debunked just from the results of this survey.

This year hasn’t ended yet. There’s still a chance for you to join the online dating community. Of course, joining in won’t guarantee that you will find the love of your life, but based on this survey, it’s likely that you will. For more online dating new as well as tips, check out the rest of our posts on our blog.