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Examples For Making Your Dating Account More Exciting In 2021

How many times have you heard this online dating new year resolution: “Make your dating account more exciting”? Probably plenty now that the old year is about to wrap up. The thing with this tip is that it’s not very specific. How do you make your dating profile more exciting?

The Best Way To Spice Up Your Dating Account In 2021

We’ve come up with a couple of examples for you to include in your dating profile. In case you’re wondering, yes, you have to edit every detail. If you’re already happy with some sections of your dating bio, then that’s alright. All you need are some enhancements. Whatever your case is, here are examples you can try to make yourself more interesting:

Try To Show Your Personality

How can you show your personality through your dating account? One is by clearly stating what you like, and don’t like. For example, if you’re the outgoing type, you can say something like:

I would rather go watch a movie than to stay home watching Netflix all day. I reserve this activity for winter.

If you’re the type who love books, you can add this line:

I am reading Tolstoy right now and I am loving every word. What’s the best book that you’ve read so far?

Something Random

Random facts about you are always great conversation starters. You can say a one-liner telling your potential dates that you like pugs. Or you can say something like:

Whenever I’m bored, I like to ___________. Examples: sketch, sew, cook. Then expound more on what you do, like sketch trees at the park, sew clothes for dogs, cook ratatouille.

Life Motto Or Philosophy

Is there a quote from a book that you live by? Include it in your account. For example:

Not all who wander are lost.

I travel the world because I am searching for myself. Each place I visit, I discover something different about me.


List down a few of your favorite things. For example:

Meeting new people, going trail running, fishing, riding a bike, looking at sunsets – these are what I like to do the most. I hope to share them with someone special soon.

Those tips should make you sound more exciting. Contrary to what you may be thinking of right now, you don’t exactly have to live an exciting life to have an exciting online dating account. You just have to know how to present yourself better. For more tips on online dating, check out more from our blog.