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The Lies You Believe That Keep You From Finding Real Love

When it comes to our love lives, we have this certain belief that everything should be perfect, or that everything should be a fairy-tale. Our ideal relationship couldn’t be farther than the truth. Eventually, we find this out in a hard way. We realize that there are certain beliefs we hold that keep us from finding real love.

Finding Real Love Is Challenging For You Because Of What You Believe In

There are things that are true to us, but they may not necessarily be facts. According to experts, these beliefs that we hold close to us are the main culprits that are causing us to be single. Finding true love becomes challenging if we put the following beliefs first:

“I have to work on myself first.”

To some extent, working on yourself is good. But, when will you be perfect? Or, when will you be ready to go out there and date? It’s a challenge because you have to have enough awareness to know when you are good enough. Actually, the truth is, we all need just a little bit of work, then we can dive in. We cannot be anything and everything to one person. Everyone of us is a work in progress.

“Being in a relationship will give up your power.”

Most people believe that when one person is in a relationship, he or she will give up his or her power and freedom. When you are with another person, you always have to be considerate. If you look at it this way, then yes, it could be seen as giving up your power since you have to accommodate someone else in your life. Others, on the other hand, view it as an enhancement and not a deficiency. Although you may not be able to do the things that you were free to do when you were single, you gladly give these up to work on your new life with the person you love.

“She/He will change if I am good enough.”

We all have this innate belief that says love always triumphs. It’s true to some extent, but never when it comes to changing people. People change because they want to. The initiator has to be themselves. They will never change because of how they are treated by others.

Try Finding True Love After Considering These Tips

Once you get over these beliefs, you will be better at finding or connecting with the right people. You will be able to choose who you want to connect to and how. Of course, things won’t still be 100% easy, but you are on your way to finding real love quicker because you are aligned in the truth. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.