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Date Topics Which Will Save You A Lot Of Time

It’s great to have meaningful conversations about different date topics with the person you are seeing but in some cases, your conversations all go to waste. It’s either the date did not work out or the person you’re dating doesn’t want to be in a serious relationship. It won’t sound good, but you have to accept that you may have just wasted your time.

Date Topics That Will Let You Filter Through Potentials

Whenever you are on a date in real life or online, you are expected to talk about certain topics, to get to know each other better through conversations. Use this to filter your through the dates that are good matches for you:

When Was Your Last Relationship?

You might think that this one only requires one answer. It does, but the beauty of this question is that it is an opener for other topics. For example, after your date answers this, you can ask him or her what happened, who broke up with who, and so on.

What Type Of Music Do You Listen To?

Is music your thing? You don’t have to have the same musical tastes to ensure that your relationship is harmonious. You do, however, have to be open to what the other likes. Music is just one aspect of your interests so you can definitely change the question if you want. Then, ask yourself, am I open to what this guy or girl is interested in?

Ask About Something Controversial

Why would you ask about something controversial? Well, for one, you’ll be able to know the person’s inner thoughts about certain societal issues. From there, you will have a clearer view or perspective on how the person’s mind operates.

Be Imaginative With Your Date Topics

When you talk about all three topics on a date, you will, more or less, understand what a person is all about. You’re not going to get to his or her core yet, but you’ll have a good idea. You can always change the questions. Just remember that the goal is to get to know what a person likes or what his or her character is. From there, you should be able to filter the dates you see. For more tips about dating, read other posts on the blog.