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The Ten Online Dating Commandments You Should Never Break

On today’s dating scene, most of us probably feel like meeting someone new through modern means gets complicated. Yes, that is the truth to some extent, but the complication we feel is, honestly, of our own doing. We do not follow the simplest ten online dating commandments, and that makes our love lives way more complex than we’d like.

Online Dating Commandments You Need To Start Following ASAP

Whether you want to believe it or not, you can meet more people, be in less complicated situations, and be stress-free by following simple rules:

Be Organized

What should you organize when you’re dating online? Your profile of course. Don’t just make it on a whim. Take your time, organize your thoughts and your photos, then make your profile.

Treat Online Dating Like A Game

Even if your intent is to find a serious relationship, you should still treat dating online as a game. Don’t be too serious all the time. Try to have a good time while you’re meeting new people through the internet.

Learn How To Spot A Liar

There will be plenty of people who will misidentify themselves. We cannot do anything about that, but what you can do is learn the skill of spotting a liar from a mile away. Once you do, you’ll easily tell people’s intentions from the get-go.

Be Honest

Don’t be a liar yourself. It may seem tempting to show yourself in the brightest of lights, but it is not a good idea. Just be who you really are.

Present Your Best Self

You’re human so you’ll definitely have positive and negative traits. Instead of focusing on the negative ones, you need to highlight the positive traits you have.

Don’t Be A Cliche

Be original, don’t be tacky and use lines that have been used all over the internet for centuries. In your chat messages, email, and even profile be original and creative.

Stay Safe

Yes, you need to protect yourself while you are dating. The best way to do this is to stay conscious of your own actions as well as the actions of others.

Don’t Be Shy

Definitely, you need to show how confident you are. If you are not out of your shell yet, then you need to do something about it because being shy and soft-spoken is not very attractive to most people.

Don’t Make Matches Randomly

Don’t just send messages to random people. Make sure that the people you contact are the ones you actually like.

Learn To Move Forward

You will encounter plenty of disappointments when you’re dating online. Learn how you can move forward from this, even if your heart was broken.

Now when you know these ten online dating commandments, you can feel better about yourself and about online dating in general. All hope isn’t lost, and the great thing is that you can start following these rules today. For more dating tips, make sure you read the rest of our blog.