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Characteristics Of Passionate Love You Must Learn

Do you think that you are in the kind of relationship right now that has passionate love? Most of us aren’t really sure even when we are so in love with the person we’re dating. When we think of passionate love, we automatically think of physical intimacy but it is not just about that. Maybe, the main reason why we’re not sure if our love is passionate is that we don’t know how to define passion.

The Truth About Passionate Love In A Relationship

Passionate love has a lot of characteristics. If we want to identify how much passion we have in our own romantic relationship, we should know what these characteristics are:

Intrusive Thoughts

If you have passion in your relationship, your partner will always intrude your thoughts. While you are at work or doing something routine and boring, you will suddenly think of your partner. There was no trigger, like you seeing an object and that object reminding you of him or her.

A Strong Desire To Be Known

When you are passionate about your relationship and your partner, you want everyone to know about it. This could mean telling all your friends and family about how happy you are. Or how wonderful your partner is.

Strong Emotions

Have you ever been so happy that it made you tear up? If your answer is yes, then you’ll know that the emotions you feel are strong. You will have something similar to this when you are in a passionate relationship. You feel emotions that are so strong that there’s no stopping you from expressing them in whatever way you feel that is right.

Is Passionate Love Present?

From the list above, do you think that you are passionately in love with your partner? If your answer is no, remember that you can always foster passion by doing activities that can reconnect you and your partner. For more tips about relationships and dating, read other posts on the blog.