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Are You Building True Intimacy With Your Partner?

How can you tell if you are experiencing true intimacy or not? This has been a common issue with most online daters who refuse to meet in real life. What if the intimacy a couple felt in their digital relationship isn’t actually present when they see each other? It’s a common fear to have.

Work On Building True Intimacy Whether In An Online Relationship Or Not

The truth is, true intimacy can be identified in a number of different ways. This is because people have a different view of intimate connections. There are some who need touch to make that connection, there are those who only need words. So, how do you figure this out? How do you decipher true intimacy from just feeling infatuated? Consider the following:

Digital Intimacy

Yes, experts say that there is such a thing as digital intimacy, especially in today’s generation. This is the first thing you build when you met your date online. You keep chatting, video calling, or sending photos. But, just remember that the end game is to meet in real life.

Intellectual Intimacy

As you are building digital intimacy, don’t forget to build intellectual intimacy. This comes in when you have riveting conversations during your chats or video calls.

Emotional Intimacy

You have to build emotional intimacy as well. This happens when you are meeting your date’s emotional needs – you care about what’s happening in the person’s life, you don’t try to change him or her, and you let your date know that you are invested.

Physical Intimacy

Next is physical intimacy. Now, it is not what you think because physical intimacy doesn’t necessarily have to start in the bedroom. It could start with a flirty look, a hand on the shoulder, holding each other tight and so on.

After, the best way to tell if you have indeed built true intimacy is how you feel. If you already feel that you’re secure and comfortable with the person you are seeing right now, then it must be so. For more dating tips, make sure to read other posts on the blog.