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Dating App Hacks That Will Make Your Profile Stand Out

When you put up your profile on a dating app, it means you want to find a date who will (hopefully) be your long-term partner. The problem is, not all of us are good at using dating apps. We make mistakes, but we can always correct them and have a better chance of finding who you’re looking for by following effective dating app hacks.

The Dating App Hacks That Will Get People To Notice

Most of us sign up on dating apps, complete our profiles, wing it, and then expect people to take notice. If we did it right, people will. But, most of the time, we don’t. That’s why we need to be guided by the following dating app hacks:

1. Take off your hat, glasses, and shades.

If you are wearing these accessories, the viewer might feel you are hiding something. Remove these coverings and show your hair and eyes; whoever is swiping through profiles would always look at the eyes.

2. Pose with your mom.

Putting up a pic of your mom, let’s say nearing Mother’s Day, will increase your chances of getting a date. It seems that potential partners like to date people who love their moms.

3. Wear something bright.

In this highly visual digital world, it is best to put up a photo of you wearing something colorful. Bold colors will easily attract someone’s attention.

4. Have more than one photo on your profile.

Don’t be stingy on your profile. Put up two or more photos to see your different sides and even your interests.

5. Put up some candid pics.

One of the effective dating app hacks is to put up some candid shots in your profile. It will make you look spontaneous, natural, real, and of course, reachable.

6. Show off your friends.

A nice touch would be to include your friends in some of your photos. This will show the viewer what kind of person you are and if they are the sociable type. There are studies that discourage group photos but you should be fine if you upload other photos with just yourself in it.

7. Show your teeth.

There’s nothing more welcoming than somebody smiling and showing his or her teeth. Even if one does not have model looks, a nice smile is sometimes enough to get people interested.

These are just some basic dating app hacks that can get you noticed. Now that you are aware of them, go and improve your dating app profile. For more tips, read other posts on our blog.