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How To Approach A Woman Like An Alpha Male

An alpha male is a superior male in the pack. He is confident enough to be the leader. Naturally, his confidence catches a lot of females‘ attention. If you want to improve your dating game, you have to adopt some traits an alpha male has to make yourself irresistible.

Say Hello With The Confidence Of An Alpha Male

Let’s get one thing straight, first. An alpha male is not your typical, macho man who comes off as rude to women. No, you must understand that an alpha is a suave individual who shows both respect and confidence in the presence of ladies. With some internalization and practice, you can be an alpha yourself and improve your dating life. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Make It A Game

Approach with a game in mind. This can be nerve-wracking, especially when you haven’t had any practice so start small. When you are attending parties, approach a woman by asking her if she wants to play a game with you. Explain that the winner will be treated to a drink by the loser. You can then play any ice-breaking game you can think of. Try this technique out with a friend and see what she thinks.

2. Bring A Wingman

When you bring a sidekick, your status is already elevated. Your wingman is going to hype you up and say great things about you to the ladies. What you do or say next will depend upon you. Your wingman will then be able to help you identify the flaws in your approaches, if ever you fail.

3. A Group Is The Safest

Going out in a group is the safest for women. However, when a lady is with her posse, it would not be very easy to approach, as they might try to prevent you from getting close. The easiest thing to do is to befriend everyone. Ask questions, engage everybody, and maybe buy them a round of drinks. Eventually, they will warm up to you and allow you to talk to the one you are interested in the first place.

4. Eye Contact

If you are feeling brave and want to approach her directly, your best weapon is your eyes. Look at her directly, without your eyeballs shooting in other directions. This is where confidence can be seen. Practice a look in the mirror. It should project a safe and comfortable aura, but speaks confidence not boastfulness.

5. Compliment Her Shoes

What if everything else fails and you are put in an awkward position? You can glance down and admire her shoes if you are meeting face to face. Women love their shoes and will easily warm up to a subject that they are very knowledgeable about. Maybe you should also brush up on your knowledge of women’s shoes?

Not everyone is born an alpha male. But, with some practice and research, you can become one, too. For more tips about improving your dating game, make sure to check out the rest of the blog.